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A Guide to Buying Pandora Jewelry

Despite your knowledge of jewelry brands, designers, and pieces, you may have come across the name Pandora at one point or another. Whether you’ve walked past the store in a mall or you’ve come across the brand somewhere online, there’s a reason why they have built such a notable presence in the jewelry industry.

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry to add to your growing or new collection, a classic and timeless piece from Pandora could complete the missing piece of that puzzle.

Commonly known for their customizable assortment of bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, charms, and more, there is a piece in their collection for everyone, many of which we carry here at Love My Swag.

Designer jewelry is not by any means necessary to have in your collection. In fact, there are plenty of high-quality pieces that can be purchased at a comfortable price that will satisfy your needs just as much as a designer piece can satisfy someone else’s needs.

What makes Pandora Jewelry so special is that they offer pieces at a multitude of price ranges to fit differing budgets.

On one hand, jewelry is an excellent way to add some more dimension and vitality to your everyday style. They are attractive, eye-catching, and depending on the piece you are wearing, they can bring attention to some of your physical features.

At Love My Swag, we carefully curate the best pieces of jewelry to meet differing needs while also staying up-to-date with the latest trends. When you shop from our online store, you’ll never have to worry about wearing a piece of jewelry that isn’t in style or in season.

Today, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about Pandora Jewelry while letting you in on some of their notorious pieces.

A Brief Look at Pandora’s History

Pandora is a brand that started off as a small jewelry shop in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1982. With nearly 40 years in the industry, they’ve sustained their goal of creating and offering high-quality jewelry to women all over the world.

Their jewelry comes in a variety of styles that are appropriate for any occasion. Because of their different styles and designs, they can be used for a personal collection or they can be given as a memento or gift to commemorate a special event.

If you are looking for a high-quality gift without going too far over your budget, Pandora could be a good choice for you. The timeless and classic feel of their pieces will last a lifetime.

Today, you’ll find Pandora as a leading affordable luxury jewelry brand in the industry. Their mission and goals align similarly with ours at Love My Swag, where we want to provide a range of luxury, high-quality pieces that are affordable, modern, and accessible to people regardless of their budget.

Today, you can enjoy a shopping experience at Pandora in their physical store at a mall or outlet near you. You can also shop on our website online, where you can view our Pandora collection and filter out your desired pieces based on your budget and style.

Pandora Jewelry: Metals & Styles

Some people who wear jewelry have a particular preference in terms of the metal they prefer to wear. Pandora offers its jewelry pieces in different metals to choose from. Some popular ones to note are Pandora Rose™, Pandora Shine™, and the classic silver and gold metals. Other materials you can find in their pieces include stone, glass, titanium, stainless steel, and leather.

Pandora Rose™

Perhaps you are on the search for a piece of jewelry that has a romantic look and feel to it. Pandora Rose™ is a collection of pieces that retain a copper, pink hue. Modern and luxury come together to bring this collection to life. From Pandora bracelets to earrings, charms, and necklaces, the femininity of the collection will be sure to catch eyes and flatter all skin tones.

For a gift to yourself or for someone else, take a look at the Rose Hearts of Pandora Ring, a piece that emulates what the entire collection is all about.

Pandora Shine™

This collection takes radiant jewelry to an entirely new level. The pieces in this collection all retain a glossy, golden finish to them that will keep your piece looking like new for many years to come. As with their rose collection, you can choose almost any style of jewelry from the line. If you are particularly interested in classic silver and gold pieces, this may be a good place for you to look.

Take a look at the Pandora Shine Heart Bracelet, a Pandora bracelet that is sold for only $100.

Silver and Gold

Some people prefer to keep their jewelry collection cohesive by sticking to a particular metal. If this aligns with your interests, silver and gold are metals you cannot go wrong with.

If you are unsure about the difference between gold and rose gold, gold typically has more of a yellow hue to it. The pink hue that appears in rose gold pieces is credited to a higher content of copper. The more copper a piece has, the more tone of pink it will appear to have.

If you are looking for Pandora jewelry that is strictly silver and gold on our website, you can filter out the jewelry options by selecting either ‘gold jewelry' or ‘silver jewelry.’ This will level down their vast jewelry collection to the pieces you want to look at.

Other Materials

Some other materials that you can find within Pandora jewelry pieces include leather, titanium, stainless steel, glass, stones, textiles, and enamel. The materials will vary depending on the type of piece you end up purchasing, however, the options to choose from are endless, especially if you are looking for a piece that is different and guaranteed to stand out.

For instance, if metals aren’t a part of your style, take a look at the leather pandora bracelets we have on our site. The Double Black Leather Bracelet could be the piece you are looking for, or it could be a leather Pandora bracelet in a different color.


When it comes to pricing, Pandora Jewelry pieces are incredibly flexible in the price range. This can come in handy to those who have a limited budget, but still want to make sure their piece is of luxury quality.

With that said, you can find Pandora pieces for under $100 or you can find pieces that range between $1,000-$3000. When viewing Pandora jewelry on our website, you can filter out the pieces based on what your budget allows. You can choose to view pieces that are $100 or less, within $300-$500, or you can simply view all pieces to see which one you like best if you don’t have a particular budget in mind.

A Popular Pick: Pandora Charm Bracelets

Many people who are familiar with Pandora Jewelry know about one of their most popular pieces, their charm bracelets. Pandora charm bracelets can be customized to match your personality with their endless variety of charms.

The process of customizing your very own Pandora charm bracelet is simple. You can start by browsing through our selection of Pandora charm bracelets, many of which are offered in different colors, styles, and finishes. Once you’ve chosen your bracelet of choice, you can look through our Pandora charm selection to make the bracelet align with your style and personality.

The charms from Pandora don’t have to be purchased at once. If you or someone you know has a charm bracelet from Pandora, charms make amazing gifts for any occasion. You can even build your charm collection over time. You can use them as a way to commemorate a birthday, graduation, holiday, or a special date.

The majority of jewelry pieces in the industry today come as they are, meaning there’s very little you can do in terms of how you want to customize them to make them your own. Pandora charm bracelets allow you to use your own creativity to make your bracelet unique to you.

Everyone’s assortment of charms on their bracelet will be different and tell their own stories. If you are interested in purchasing a charm bracelet or are looking for a location that sells authentic Pandora bracelets and charms, you can take a look at the Pandora collection on our website.

How to Wear

There are a few ways you can wear your Pandora bracelet or other Pandora jewelry pieces. For one, you can try layering your pieces. If you are wearing a bracelet, you can use other bracelets to bring more attention to your arm by varying metals, bracelet sizes, details, and more. The same goes for necklaces and rings as well.

Another way you can style your jewelry is by matching it to your outfit. If your outfit has silver, gold, or rose gold detailing, a matching piece of jewelry can elevate your look. You can get creative with this as well by mixing colors you wouldn’t necessarily think to put together.

If you want a new idea for styling your charm bracelet, perhaps you can add charms that dictate a specific theme. For instance, if you are in the mood for a feminine, romantic look, you can add more heart charm or rose gold accents to encompass that style.

The opportunities to spice up how you style your Pandora jewelry are endless. There are no right or wrong ways to style your jewelry, however, the more creative you get with it, the more your personality will shine through.

Purchase Pandora Jewelry at Love My Swag

There are two main options you can choose when it comes to shopping for Pandora jewelry. For one, you can have an in-shopping experience, meaning you can go to a Pandora store near you. This may be helpful to those who need more direction by trying pieces on or seeing how they look physically.

Not everyone will have a Pandora shop near them, which makes shopping online the next best option. At Love My Swag, we make it easy for people all over the world to shop for high-quality jewelry pieces, Pandora included. We carry a vast assortment of their brand’s pieces and when shopping throughout the website, you can filter the jewelry to match what you are looking for.

For our customers who live in close proximity to NorthPark mall in Texas, we are now working with Pandora NorthPark to bring our Pandora pieces straight to your hands. You can either go to the Pandora NorthPark store to shop daily from 10 am - 6 pm or you can shop for Pandora jewelry online at our website and pick it up at the NorthPark mall. The pickup process is contact-free and we will deliver the package to your car upon your arrival.

Whether you are new to collecting jewelry or are looking to continue building up your collection, Pandora jewelry will be a wonderful, luxury addition to make. At affordable prices, you can customize your jewelry pieces to make them unique and different from what you and others are used to.

There is no question that the brand has built a powerful name for itself globally over the years. When you purchase a piece of their jewelry you are joining the movement that encourages women from all walks of life to have a piece of luxury with them in their daily lives.

If you are interested in purchasing Pandora jewelry, you can either shop the Pandora collection from our website or you can check to see if there is a Pandora store near you.

If you are interested in viewing our assortment of jewelry from other brands and designers, such as Julie Vos, Meira T, Percossi Papi, and more, you can look at our designer jewelry selection.

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