Be on Trend This Fall by Incorporating Amethyst Jewelry

Bounkit Amethyst and Rose Quartz Cuff

Amethyst jewelry has no doubt been receiving a lot of attention this season, and the fashion world couldn’t be happier. With its light and whimsical hues and unique texture, this iridescent mineral is starting to make an impact in the world of style.

While Amethyst may be the birthstone for February, this purple beauty is taking over this year’s upcoming fall season. Its durable quartz-like structure makes it perfect for jewelry. But its colorful range in hues – from light pinkish violet to rich purple – make this crystal coveted in fashion.
Alwand Vahan Amethyst Ring

Popularly worn by the royal family, amethyst is considered to be a color that symbolizes authority, comfort, and serenity. There is a sense of royalty and luxury that naturally accompanies this purple shade. It’s a bolder tone that has an electric quality to it. Unlike lighter earthy tones that are prevalent in the summery months, purple shades have the ability to add a pop of color and intensity to the cooler seasons.

Amethyst not only varies in shade, but it can also range from an organic quartz structure to a more refined smooth finish. For a more delicate, classic look – a glossy more polished amethyst jewel is suitable. If you are going for an edgy, more fanciful look – choose an amethyst colored jewel that is unrefined and still has its sharp crystallized shape. When it comes to wearing this violet color, keep it simple and clean. Amethyst gems are naturally bright. You don’t want to cheapen your look by adding too many other bright colors to your ensemble. Dark neutral shades, like charcoal, chocolate brown and black, not only look great when paired with amethyst but also add a dark mysteriousness to an ensemble.

If you are looking to get on trend for this upcoming fall season, here are a few amethyst pieces you can use for inspiration.

Jose and Maria Barrera – Gold Amethyst Teardrop Inlet Earrings: No other jewelry color compliments amethyst better than gold. This earring set, displays the color range naturally found within this mineral, as well as its various levels of refinement. No doubt, this teardrop earring would be a great piece for any jewelry collection.

Kanupriya – Amethyst Necklace Pendant: A great example of the amethyst natural organic structure. Complimented with other purple shades and set with a gold overlay, this quality pendant will look good on any neck.

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