Chain Necklaces: Something to Look for this Fall

Jose and Maria Barrera Gold Chain Necklace with Crystal

We may not want summer to ever end, but we’re certainly excited about fall. For one, our fashion senses are predicting a chain necklace revival. Since we all know chunky necklaces are here to stay, we can’t help but be happy about this particular chunky necklace spin off. With its daring look and fashionable versatility, the chain necklace is destined to bring the heat to the upcoming colder months.

So why do we like the chain link look so much? 
For a start, this linked accessory is very versatile. You can make a bib necklace out of chains, or go for the layered necklace look. Also, these necklaces come in a variety of colors – there’s gold, silver, and painted pastel. Regardless of the color or how you choose to style your link, chain necklaces are an effortless way to add edgy sophistication to your look.
Miriam Haskell Gold Necklace Chain Leaf

What are the best ways to wear the look? 
The chain necklace demands attention, there’s an instant edginess that comes with the look. It’s an accessory that can easily glam up any outfit.

- You can choose to make your chain necklace the only statement look of your outfit, by keeping your other jewelry simple. Or you can pair it with other mixed metals, colorful beadings, or shiny rhinestones.
 - Chain necklaces can be dressed up or down. For a more casual look, pair a chain with a simple ensemble like a solid fitted tee. For more late night occasions, nothing looks better with a chain than a little black dress.
 - There’s one thing to keep in mind when wearing this trend – simple is always best. Chain necklaces should be a fashion statement. If they’re paired with other bold jewelry or clothing, then you may run the risk of looking more gaudy than chic.

A chain piece can turn a mundane outfit into a more memorable look. For some great chain piece examples, check out Jose and Maria Barrera’s collection and other selections at SWAG.
Virgins, Saints, and Angels Tribal Chain Necklace

Get on trend and start stocking up on your chain necklaces for the fall. For more trendy jewelry tips, check out our online jewelry To personally shop our great selection, come visit us at our NorthPark jewelry store.

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