Definitive Pieces of Julie Vos Jewelry

Distinction is one of the most coveted traits of a collection of jewelry or even of one single piece. Since the dawn of creation, designers in one school or another have sought novel ways to secure distinction, and in truth, there are many ways to go about it.

Some designers secure distinction through the use of naturally beautiful media that makes the process of creating art somewhat easier. Other designers create distinction through an impressively complex combination of elements that can straddle the line between stimulating the senses and muddling them. Others throw contrasting elements into sharp contrast with each other to gain attention.

Complexity as compared to simplicity, stillness and movement, lightness, and darkness - these are some of the things that converge in designs to give them a unique sense of style and allow visionaries to create unique collections that lay claim to distinction.

The search and the competition for distinction are as old as age itself and success in that arena will always be a defining feature in fashion, as it will be in nearly any creative sphere of life. While you’re looking for designers that have gone after distinction with gusto, you are certain to come across Julie Vos, who for nearly 20 years now has been crafting collections of jewelry that lay claim to unmistakable distinction and offer the gift of poise.

Julie Vos Jewelry is defined by the many elements of culture that hold strong ties to their designer’s heart. Julie Vos distills the elements of design from her travels all over the world and breathes them into her designs. Whether a given piece of jewelry has been inspired by her travels to some far city and the building she saw there, or the lingering scents of spices and rare goods of that locale can be difficult to say with certainty. What can be said is that she mystically and masterfully incorporates them into her collections as a many-hued and multi-colored portfolio of fine jewelry the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere.

Julie Vos Jewelry is handcrafted and defined by its artful use of precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, and imported glass that come together in her finished designs to present a front of harmony and beauty.

There is another way that Julie Vos secures distinction for her collections. She is constantly designing and redesigning, always at work on the pieces of jewelry that will constitute a new collection. Every year she is at work to add new collections to her catalog of jewelry so that there is always something new to appeal to novel and shifting tastes. In that way, she evolves with the landscape and is always ready with a new sense of style. What is constantly changing never becomes a thing of the past, and in that way, Julie Vos Jewelry garners distinction through its timelessness.

Whenever you need to put forward a front of complexity and refinement that is polished by objectively beautiful designs, you can turn to Julie Vos Jewelry and investigate her collections to find something refreshing, novel, and entirely distinct. While her operations are based in New York City and colored heavily by the surrounding architecture, history, and culture, you can be sure you will always find some surprise in her jewelry. Her designs are as deeply impressed by the local surroundings as they have been by her many cosmopolitan forays. Whenever you need to apparel yourself with pieces of jewelry that have that multivariate nature and belie the influences of far off beauty, Julie Vos is the name that comes to the forefront of the discretionary mind.

Best of all, you’re in the perfect place for access to some exclusive pieces of Julie Vos Jewelry. Here at Love My Swag, we’re effectively set up to offer you the designs you came looking for from the elusive and exquisite designers you’ve set your heart on. Here’s what we can offer you in Julie Vos Designs.

Julie Vos Earrings

One of the interesting things about earrings is that you have a lot of flexibility with how much impression you want to instill with them. You can invest in a small, humble, even understated pair of studs or you can find a pair of hoops that’s louder than you are. Therefore we’ll start with some of the designs you can find in Julie Vos Earrings

Since we mentioned that you can secure an understated or down to earth appeal with a tastefully chosen pair of earrings, we’ll start with the following selection from our catalog. Consider a pair of Julie Vos’s Crescent Hoop Earrings that are available in three sizes.

While the larger sizes certainly are a bit more pronounced than they might be, the smaller sizes are ideal for adding a little glitter to your ensemble without too much noise. These earrings in their smallest size are 1.25 inches across and they have a very, very slim profile.

Also, interestingly, they are neither smooth nor polished but rather hammered, which accomplishes two effects. In the first place, brightly polished earrings tend to be a little bit more ‘present’ than their demur hammered counterparts, toning down their appeal. In the second place, the hammered gold adds an entire layer of complexity to the earrings.

As beautifully simple as those hoop earrings are, there might be times when you want to add deeper layers of complexity to your style, and for those occasions, you still need to look no further than Julie Vos Jewelry. If you’re looking for extra light and dazzling intricacy in a pair of earrings to put a cant on your getup, then consider earrings like Julie Vos Medici Statement Earrings. What else could be said in such a name? These earrings make a statement and bear one of the most influential names in European history. Name aside, they are wondrously complex earrings making the most of their gold vermeil and pearl settings. On top of that, the earrings are decorated with a relief design that almost looks something like a Greek Key pattern, as they are also decorated with smaller, finer semi-precious stones and gold.

These are two ends of the spectrum; see for yourself what other Julie Vos earrings you can find here on our website.

Julie Vos Bracelets

Bracelets can accomplish a similar effect as earrings although not entirely as downplayed. Then again, there are certainly some instances in which you can make capital use of a very delicate bracelet. Truthfully, brighter, starker bracelets and bangles make as much of an effect if not more than a particularly brazen pair of earrings. Consider the following options.

There are times when bangles present a very bold character that is difficult to overplay. In the case of Julie Vos’s Siena Stacking Bangle that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This bangle is almost delicate in its tracery and interestingly complex in its beading detail. Of course, it is designed to be stacked, so it would be much more than possible to make a more pronounced impression with them. That being said, with one alone the effect is very muted.

Now, by contrast, Julie Vos Jewelry is also home to such bracelets as her Savannah Demi Link Bracelet. This bracelet is an exemplary example of how a bracelet can be used to effect a massive amount of character - and also not be missed. There’s basically no way to employ this bracelet into an outfit without it taking center stage - or at the very least a powerful supporting role. Not content to simply be a powerful, bold bracelet, each of the heavy, commanding links of this bracelet is diamond faceted. From far off this, seems to take on the appearance of hammered gold, but up close the effect is stunning. It takes far more work and attention to detail to form such faceting than it does to create a rustically hammered look. It’s commanding, powerful, and lavishly illustrious, just like many of the other Julie Vos bracelets you can find on our website.

Interested in other Julie Vos bracelets but not sure what appeals to you? Don’t miss a chance to check out our collection here on our site. A picture says a thousand words, and our admonition is valuable - but so is your taste.

Julie Vos Necklaces

Just as Julie Vos Jewelry is groundbreaking for its effect in bracelets and earrings, you will find the same liberated style when you check out her collection of necklaces. Oftentimes a necklace makes a wonderful compliment to a pair of earrings or to a bracelet, and you can definitely match some of these following necklaces to the pieces we have already investigated.

It would be exceedingly hard to to compete with the Savannah Demi Link Bracelet we investigated above, and it might be easier to serve as a complimentary piece. In that event, consider a necklace like Julie Vos’s Honeybee Statement Necklace. This necklace somewhat takes on the form of a choker with very bold, bright links, not entirely dissimilar to the bracelet above. That being said, they are much gentler and less pronounced, so it would not serve to overpower the setting. Finishing off its style is a round gemstone pendant that you can choose in a variety of colors, with a honeybee on the reverse side.

If you aren’t looking for a necklace to make a pairing to another piece but are rather looking for something entirely distinct, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, then you would do well to check out an option like the Julie Vos Savannah Pendant. With a delicate chain link that is doubled on itself, this pendant can be worn long or short in accordance with your preference. It is crowned, or finished if you will, by a beautifully faceted crystal pendant in chalcedony blue. Original, colorful, inspired, it is the hallmark of Julie Vos Jewelry.

These are only a few of the offerings we can present to you in Julie Vos Necklaces. Check our collection and find for yourself what suits you.

Julie Vos Rings

In some ways, rings stand alone in the world of fashion, and it is possible to select a ring for your image that is very unlike the other pieces of jewelry that will appear with you at the same time.

A ring like her Geneva Statement Ring is a pretty fair statement, no pun intended of the level of creativity you will find in the designs of Julie Vos rings. It almost seems like a signet ring that is set with a wonderfully faceted stone in rose color, and the sides of the ring are intricately detailed with cut out patterns.

Similar but somewhat more delicate is the Savannah Statement Ring, the faceted cabochon of which entirely overshadows the band of the ring. While the gold setting is still visible, the gem is the central focus and the entire spirit of the ring. It is cool and delicate, despite its size, and that makes it remarkably compatible with a large number of other designs.

Then you have an interesting shift of design stylistics in her Coin Crest Ring, which comes to you in the form of a mixed metal band in gold and rhodium that is decorated with crystal accents and fixed centrally by a gold coin. Its borders are intricately beaded and the coin is delicately traced, giving this ring something of a bohemian feel to it. Whatever your tastes are, in this ring or others, find something you will love among Julie Vos Rings.

Whatever Julie Vos Jewelry you happen to be looking for, you can find many wonderful examples from her collections right here in our catalog at Love My Swag. We’re very proud to be able to offer you selections from the portfolios of the most sought after designers in the world, and we want you to be happy with your selections. Therefore we invite you to look through our online store, and if you need help finding anything, call us at 555-555-1212.

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