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The savvy and discrete dresser knows how to mix and match styles that complement each other and present exactly the taste and style desired. Never leaning too much on an assumed style or one that has shown too much of itself, oftentimes refreshing designs draw their inspiration from an uncustomary mixture of natural and artificial elements. Such is the case of Meira T jewelry, where the designs are widely influenced by nature as well as human artifice. It’s easy to see how much the design of some pieces have drawn their looks from irregular gems and simple lines. Looking through the diverse designs and offerings from Meira T, you will find a touch of minimalist influence, a nod to spiritual and natural character and altogether a commitment to unconventional expression.

The designs you will find in Meira T jewelry are ideal for the modern, itinerant lifestyle. With recognizable symbolism as well as a commitment to showcasing the natural beauty that is often unfinished and asymmetrical. In many cases, it is the fluid appeal and roughly finished charm that gives the designs by Meira T such a distinct character. It can be hard to succinctly categorize a style, but the simplicity and unembellished natural beauty of the gold diamonds and gemstones in Meira T designs are unmistakable.

If you’re looking for Meira T jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. Much like in our other lines of jewelry, we offer some of the most yearned for and hard to find designs by the most exclusive designers. What you will find here on our site by Meira T will give you a foundation around which you can build up your personalized sense of style.

Celestial Influence Many of the pieces you will find in our collection by Meira T feature underscore a touch of celestial inspiration, featuring attractive designs incorporating the moon and stars. There is little more gentle beauty in the natural world than the candid, gentle influx of light from the moon or stars. The light of the moon is delicate and soft, cushioning the sharp features of the world that are exposed in daylight. The stars are similar - and they add a touch of mystery that comes from their immutable and unconquerable distance. Perhaps these are some of the things that inspired Meira T to incorporate such heavenly symbolism in so many of her designs. Whether or not that is the case, many of these pieces have a similar effect in presentation.

Right here on our page, you’ll be dazzled by such offerings as Moon and Star Pave Stud Earrings by Meira T. They offer .16 carats of diamonds and the delicate touch of 14k white gold, which is so much itself like moonlight. These earrings would be appealing enough if they were matching, but are curiously contrasting, giving the look of the moon and one star. Somewhat like the night sky, these earrings pleasantly lack correspondence and accentuate rather than overpowering.

Meira T’s Moon and Stars Necklace offers somewhat similar charm and would be the perfect addition to their Moon and Star Earrings. A delicate 14k white gold chain supports a diamond studded moon pendant, and a star alongside two accompanying diamonds. The necklace is curiously off centered in its balance and the changing shape of its elements also harkens back to a noticeable celestial influence. The entire piece, as beautiful as it is, is unassuming, much like the silent incursion of moonlight onto a scene.

You’ll find other pieces from Meira T right here at Love My Swag with similar influences in their design as well. For a stronger statement and brighter glow, take a look at Meira T’s Moon and Star Locket. Bright yellow gold sets the foundation of the piece, wherein are beautifully set .14 carats of diamonds in the likeness of the moon and stars. It is attractively offset by another diamond-studded pendant. As bright as the gold is, this locket is a gentle display of allure. Their moon and star diamond necklace features a graceful linear appearance that is unique and can put a very soft but noticeable touch on any style.

Spiritual Influence Another personal touch with which Meira T has infused her line of jewelry is the touch lent by spiritual influences. Whether a cross, a heart or a Hand of Fatima, Meira T presents unique touches to her line of jewelry to give personal, spiritual significance to each piece. Whether the designs you’ll find in her line speak to your inner self or you want to give them as charms of protection or faith, you’ll find something right here to suit your fancy.

There is little more powerful or effective than Meira T’s Cross Necklace in Yellow Gold. It presents a bold and interestingly geometric twist on the cross that is instantly recognizable. As simple as its presentation is, the offsetting of the cross charm by the diamonds on the chain draws your perspective and captures attention. Somehow, the interesting design lends it more power as a piece of intrigue, and one that you could wear to great effect for its style or as a personal statement.

Perhaps you find more power in the effect of a muted statement. Meira T’s Tiny Diamond Cross Necklace with Bezels appears at first glance just to be an unadorned white gold chain. On inspection, it is a demonstration of faith and style, one that you could carry in plain sight and would not be overtly recognizable. That’s no matter, though, because your statement is written on your heart and in your actions. This necklace is only a subtle reminder of the force that drives you. Wear it proudly and know that your life is colored by faith and beauty. Even more unassuming and demure is their Tiny Cross Necklace with a single cross pendant.

On the other end of the spectrum is the beautiful and powerful Cross in Yellow Gold. It features Pave Diamond Accents around a central cross charm that holds the allure of a piece that is both rough and finished. The finery of the chain and the diamonds are thrown into contrast by the markedly rough finish of the cross. The coarse finish of the cross is just the perfect accent to highlight itself, capturing and stimulating attention. It almost makes the viewer wonder is the package would be diminished if the cross were polished.

Take a look at our Meira T Diamond Hand of Fatima Necklace, which is certainly the finest portrayal of the Hamsa that you’ll find. It is attractively set with diamond and sapphire and one of the oldest and most popular charms to bring luck and to ward off negative influences. It is an enduring piece of symbolism that has become cosmopolitan in its range, both for its pleasant visual stylings and for its cultural significance. It’s the perfect charm to wear to project your positive vibes.

Then again, if you’re looking for a charm to showcase your omnipresent goodwill and love, Meira T’s Heart Charm Necklace would suit you just fine. With two diamond-set bezels, this heart charm is the simplest statement you can make on the pervasive love and appreciation that drives your life and defines you. The heart is the ideal personification of goodwill and positive aspirations, and Meira T has captured that sentiment beautifully in this piece. Whatever piece you pick to reflect your spirituality or your personal predilection to grace and love, Meira T Jewelry presents you with the perfect packages to showcase that sense of style.

Elemental Inspiration Many of the pieces of jewelry by Meira T are colored unmistakably by natural influences that can’t be directly pinpointed. Whereas some are them are directly themed on cultural symbols or on depictions of objects of natural beauty, some of them take on a more diffuse elemental styling, that gives a general feeling of mystery and intrigue. Many of them leave you with a deep impression that there is unbelievable beauty hiding in plain sight in the most unlikely of places.

This can be somewhat illustrated by their Oval Australian Opal Necklace, which is a simple oval cabochon set in a white gold necklace and beautifully framed by .08 carats of diamond. Though it maintains a sense of symmetry that is somewhat rare in Meira T Jewelry, this piece throws the bright clarity into sharp relief alongside the disseminated hues of the opal gem. Where the diamonds are hard and bright, the opal is deep, fuzzy, even stormy. Yet somehow out of the lack of definition of the opal’s churning depths comes an overarching sense of penetrating beauty. But this is only the tip of the iceberg of the elemental inspiration that can be found in Meira T Jewelry.

Consider our Meira T 14k Dangle Hoop Earrings. Two yellow gold hoops hold smaller diamond studded white gold hoops in suspense. It’s not the mystery of the inception, it’s the finish of the yellow gold hoops that is so pleasing. They are so pleasantly incongruous with so much else found in design today that they almost seem like historical artifacts. The yellow gold hoops have a hammered finish and are not evenly laid out, which has an effect on the senses of capturing attention and holding it. Something about the lack of polish and symmetry is deeply interesting. While the diamonds are carefully cut, the gold hoops are roughly shaped have jarringly intersecting facets. Yet the final effect on the viewer is not one of unease, but one of harmony. Out of the machine comes a finely finished product that is overcast by beauty.

The power of asymmetry is harnessed with even greater power and effect in their Faceted Blue Sapphire Necklace. It features an accent diamond pave charm and granules totaling .29 carats, but its assertive feature is a 3.25 carat sapphire that serves as a very powerful focal piece for the necklace. At first glance, it appears perfectly balanced and evenly cut, but as you gaze upon the gem, it becomes apparent that the sapphire is only so slightly imperfect in its cut. Only slightly less than perfectly oval, it impresses upon the observer the natural origin of gems that are normally only seen when perfectly measured, cut and polished. The presentation of this sapphire in such a format is moving. It reminds the viewer of the basic relationship that these things of beauty have to the Earth from which they came, which speaks to the natural inspirations so prevalent in Meira T Jewelry.

Meira T’s Black Opal and Diamond Ring presents this effect with just as much vigor. A bright yellow gold ring attractively inset with diamonds displays an opal cabochon which just like the former appears to be perfectly measured, cut and polished. But after appreciating the pronounced beauty of the ring for more than a mere moment, it becomes apparent that this opal like the sapphire of the former entry is not perfectly symmetrical. It is so nearly perfect that the recognition that it isn’t is nearly startling. The simplicity of the nearly natural appearance of the opal contrasts with the otherwise prescriptive perfection of the rest of the ring and is another reminder of the natural connection of all things beautiful to simpler sources.

Find Them Here At Love My Swag If you find yourself drawn to any of these designs in Meira T Jewelry, you’ll be able to find them all right here at Love My Swag. Take a look at our collection of Meira T Jewelry for these and other exquisite offerings. It’s the perfect style to effect for the times when you need to add a little simplicity to your sophistication. We’re proud to offer hard to find jewelry in names that are even more exclusive. Take a look through our pages or contact us as 214-691-0123 if you’re looking for something specific. Whether you fall for one of the pieces outlined here or you’re looking for a slightly different design by Meira T, you’ll find that look you’re seeking right here.

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