Emerald Jewelry: A Popular Color for Winter Pieces

Jose and Maria Barrera Emerald Button Earrings

The color authority, Pantone, dubbed emerald green as 2013’s Color of the Year. This deep, lush green has become the go-to red carpet color among stylish celebrities. With its beautiful imperfections and rich exterior complex, this soft precious gemstone has not only been a popular hue worn by the women of today, but has also built a famous following over the centuries. Illustrious names like Cleopatra, Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, and Halle Berry, have all found inspiration in this distinctive jewel.

So why is emerald – once again – the “it” color of the year? 

To figure out why this particular stone has garnered such high acclaim over the years, let’s take a look at the history behind this green gemstone.

The color emerald has universally been associated with balance, continuity, growth, harmony, hope and prosperity. Many cultures even believe this colored gemstone to provide intrinsic rewards – like love, wealth and intelligence to its wearers. Its many desirable attributes are finely packaged into luxurious gemstones that derive from the beryl family of minerals. Found in various shades of vivid green, emerald’s organic and unique structure makes it a natural element that is coveted in the fashion world.

Though emerald tones have made famous appearances on red carpets for decades, there has been a definite influx of this green colored hue this year. From rings, bracelets, earrings to necklaces, emerald stones have made a permanent mark on this year’s must-have list. Angelina Jolie ignited this trend with her standout emerald rings and earrings during the awards season. Also, one of the top fashion icons of this year – Beyoncé Knowles – bedazzled her hands in lush green gems while she sang at the presidential inauguration. Needless to say, emerald inspired jewelry has made a powerful reappearance within the realm of jewelry. This timeless hue has easily secured its place as one of the biggest color trends for 2013.

For any emerald-lovers looking to for more fashion inspiration, here are two jewels guaranteed to make others green with envy.

Coralia Leets –Single Green Quarts Earring is both bold in design, but also captures the style and elegance found in this verdant green color.

Erickson Beamon – Envy Bracelet perfectly displays an emerald-filled set of unique cut stones that can accompany any look, flawlessly.

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