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There’s a style you’re looking to pull off perfectly, and that style is versatility, adaptability, paired with a certain mystique that can only be observed but not fully qualified. So many designers provide jewelry that is too simple and lacks the dimension you need to express yourself. Here at Love My Swag, we understand that. We understand that you are looking for the complexity of design and novelty that never cease to impress and thrill the senses. That’s why we pride ourselves on the breadth of our offerings in some of the most revered and coveted names in the design and jewelry industry.

If you’re craving the ability to make your own style as well the ability to change it up at a moment’s notice to better suit your mood or your outfit, there are only a few designers that can accommodate this need. There’s only one that defines itself according to these parameters. The designer you’re looking for to complete your need for versatility and diversity is Les Georgettes. The designs at Les Georgettes are qualified by their apparent simplicity that belies an innate complexity. Their designs offer a fluidity of appearance that can easily complement any style, but where their real appeal comes in is in their adaptability. The central appeal in a Les Georgettes Bracelet lies here.

A Les Georgettes Bracelet is somewhat like a living style. It doesn’t give you a take it or leave it attitude. It gives you the flexibility to change on a whim or to suit your style to what you’re wearing, the setting or how you feel.

Versatile Appeal
No other designer offers the inherently versatile appeal that you will find when you adorn yourself with a Les Georgettes Bracelet. To fully understand this you’ll have to take a look at some of their offerings and how they can set you up to impress no matter what style you choose.

Take a look at their Girafe 14mm Cuff in Rose Gold, likely inspired, as its name would suggest but the reticulated pattern of a giraffe. Its pattern is mesmerizing as well as pleasantly erratic. There is a certain lack of symmetry in the design that somehow is appealing and perfectly accented by the somewhat unconventional appeal of rose gold. This is but one choice of a Les Georgettes Bracelet but it perfectly illustrates the versatility of the design. Even on its own, the bracelet has plenty of substance and absence together to let you make your own style. What’s beautiful about the designs from Les Georgettes, however, is the fact that they can’t be easily contained by one look or quantified by one metric. That beauty is in the fact that they offer leather inserts to drastically alter the lines, color, and depth of their bracelets. Their leather inserts enable you to instantly change the effect of the bracelet. Place a reversible leather insert in the bracelet and you will immediately void all of the negative space and imbue the bracelet with a new life of color. The truth is simple. The designs by Les Georgettes just offer a better user experience.

For comparison take a look at their Ruban 40mm Cuff in Gold. On the surface is it entirely different in its appeal from the Girafe. It is fuller, brighter, and has more definitive movement in the lines of its gold excerpts. It is bolder than the previous model, taking full advantage of its greater size, the prominence of yellow gold and the definition and flow of its lines. As different as it appears at first, place a leather insert into the bracelet and see the transformation. Much like the Girafe, there will be depth where there was negative space, a saturation of color where there were absence and an entire shift of mood and presence. Only in the designs from Les Georgettes can you find a single piece of jewelry to give you three entirely different senses of appeal in one single package. It’s that kind of visionary design that has delineated Les Georgettes and made it enduringly famous and popular among those who know how to create their own image.

Find Them Here at Love My Swag
You’ll easily find these models by Les Georgettes right here at Love My Swag. You can look through our offerings and find the leather inserts to really bring their designs to life. Not only will you find the leather inserts you’ll use to customize them and create your own impressions, but you’ll find lots of other novel and striking designs in Gold and Silver from Les Georgettes. Whether you are drawn to the likes of their Fougere, Volute, Cannage, Palmeraie or one of the other striking designs by Les Georgettes, Love My Swag has them all right here.

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