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Find Unique and Inspired VSA Jewelry at Love My Swag

How many companies or designers can you think of that have the touch of personality and inspiration in each and every piece? How many can you think of that, though they might bear the marks of personality in their design aren’t mass-produced? Can you name any designers who ensure that all of their jewelry is not only meticulously designed, has all of the elements that compose it carefully considered and is all handmade? Very few designers or manufacturers can really make the claim that their jewelry or their accessories are so carefully belabored.

Now take a moment to consider how many designers put even close to as much personal touch into their products as VSA Jewelry puts into theirs. Perhaps it’s because of the responsibility and connectedness of their designer, Cheryl Finnegan, and her team, and perhaps it’s because of the attitude they take that everything is made by hand in their workshop San Miguel De Allende in Mexico. It might even be because of the fact that each and every design is the product of direct inspiration and incorporates symbols of protection, stewardship and good fortune drawn from natural sources and figures of a legend like the Virgin of Guadalupe. The designs of VSA are truly inspired and result in designs that you simply won’t find coming from other sources.

The Origin of VSA Designs
The brainchild of visionary designer Cheryl Finnegan, all of the designs of VSA are the product of acute inspiration and devotion. With her extensive schooling in and experience in fashion and design, she moved to San Miguel De Allende in Mexico after a particularly moving vision and started designing jewelry that features tropes signifying protection, good fortune and images of saints and other figures from folklore.

You’ll find them inspired by the legend of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a Marian Apparition associated with the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Pieces featuring designs and emblems reminiscent of the Virgin of Guadalupe offer the wearer a unique piece of jewelry intended to bring grace, charm, luck, and protection of the veneration of a saint.

Many of the designs of Virgins Saints and Angels jewelry draw from a diverse pool of influences. You’ll find pieces featuring the Virgin of Guadalupe alongside the Sacred Heart and emblems like the four-leafed clover so prevalent in Irish and other Celtic designs, bringing not only the guidance and protection of a saintly influence but the aura of the good fortune of this symbol of luck.

There are many examples of pieces bearing the images of crosses and the Virgin Mary as well as saints and protectors. Other designs feature San Benito Medallions, invoking the protection and guidance of St. Benedict of Nursia, one of the most revered saints in the church.

Beyond the extraordinary virtue of the unique mixing of elements, themes, and materials that you will find so well represented by the peerless designs of the Jewelry by Virgins Saints and Angels Designs, you will find it refreshing to know that nothing done by VSA is done on a large scale, nor is anything mechanized. Not only granular in design, but all of the pieces you will find for sale bearing that name have also been meticulously crafted and finished by hand. At Virgins Saints and Angels, the only way to perfect a piece is with the scrutiny and practiced hand and eye of a master craftsman. Every single piece of VSA jewelry is a handmade work of art, and that is a refreshing fact in a market dominated by mechanization.

Unique, Handcrafted Designs
In general, the designs and motifs you will find bearing the VSA name are ideal for cultivating an aura of mystique and beauty, in specific they are even more impressive. Consider their Bringing Her Home Charm, available in either silver or gold. It is a unique design containing a milagro in the center and ringed by crystal hearts. Not only is the milagro central to the idea of protection and devotion in Latin American culture, frequently serving as an offertory, but the addition of the coronal hearts accents the image in the most lovely fashion. Evocative of love, admiration, devotion and security, this charm would be perfect to give as a gift to offer thoughts and feelings of that color.

Take also a piece of VSA Jewelry like the Virgin Saints and Angels San Benito Charm in Silver. Medals and coins with the cross of Saint Benedict, or San Benito, are some of the oldest icons associated with the Christian faith and have long been favored in those communities. For centuries, crosses of Saint Benedict have been revered for their healing and protective properties. Some even attribute them to miraculous events and recoveries. Adorned with Swarovski crystals, this piece is a humble yet beautiful memento featuring the cross of Saint Benedict. It would be the perfect gift to give to a loved one with whom you would send your constant blessings and a reminder of love.

A somewhat humble yet still amazingly beautiful piece is the Paloma Cross Necklace in silver by VSA. It is suspended by a simple, unadorned silver chain, and the beauty of the pieces lies in its charm. A silver vermeil cross accented by Swarovski crystals is the fixture of this piece of jewelry and would be at home in the company of matching silverwork or on its own. It could be given as much as a nod to the faith of the wearer or to confer on the recipient the benefits of the emblem.

Somewhat less austere are the Milagrosa cuffs with Pacific Opal, plated in gold or silver. Like every piece that bears the VSA name, they are made entirely by hand in San Miguel de Allende, their every mark and angel the fruit of a devoted craftsman. In the center of the cuff is the Milagrosa Virgin, a token that much like an icon is intended to offer love, protection, blessings, and healing to the wearer. The beauty of a milagro, however, is that each one can hold individual significance to those that own and wear them. A piece like this would be just as fitting for the visual appeal to make a match to an outfit as it would make as a statement.

Similarly striking is the Milagrosa Magdalena Gold Pearl necklace, which makes a completely singular impression. Entirely unique, it comes with a beauty all its own. It has four strands of white pearls with crystal accents and features a milagrosa pendant as its central charm and allure. It seamlessly pairs the beauty and copious shine of pearls, gold, and crystal with the humility and devotion of the image of its milagrosa charm. It could be worn to great effect not only as a signifier of faith but just as easily for its adaptable and irreplaceable charm. The mix of its elements makes it not only entirely diverse in how, where and with what it can be worn, but also in the strength of its impact. A similar Magdalena can also be found by VSA with a Paloma Cross instead of a milagrosa if that style strikes your fancy all the more.

Or perhaps you might be drawn to a piece of VSA Jewelry like the Virgins Saints and Angels Sacred Heart Oval Cuff in a silver plate over bronze and accented with Swarovski Crystals. With the humble tones of silver instead of the commanding presence of gold, this bracelet features the likeness of the Sacred Heart as its central image. The Sacred Heart is revered as a symbol of the divine love for all humanity, and there are few emblems or icons that could be presented as a token of stronger, more devout love and protection. Moreover, silver is often represented as a mirror to the soul that helps to purify and limit negative energy. The coupling of the Sacred Heart with silver is an ideal balance.

Another piece featuring the Sacred Heart is VSA’s Sacred Heart Drop Collar in Gold Vermeil with Swarovski Crystals. It is representative of the pervasive divine love of the Sacred Heart but in a somewhat less demure package. The gold and blue tones of the piece will inspire and impress as much as the emblem will serve as a reminder of the eternal love that will follow the recipient of such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Perhaps your tastes will draw you to something that makes even more of a flash and a response. Little is more beautiful or significant than VSA’s Les Celestes Stellar Necklace, in either silver or gold vermeil. What would otherwise be a humble gold or silver chain is compounded in the effect of its presentation and completed with Milagros of the Virgin Mary, St. Christopher, the benefactor of travelers among others, crosses, and medallions of San Benito. It takes a little bit of influence from several different sources and juxtaposes them beautifully to bring a finished piece of jewelry that is highly adaptable in its style.

If you’re looking for earrings what could be more impressive than Virgins Saints and Angels Les Celeste Chain Earrings, with the crosses and Milagros of Madonna and San Benito of the former piece. These earrings come in a slightly more muted package than the Les Celestes Necklace but make very much the same statement and could stand on their own or as a complement to that piece.

Regardless of which designs by Virgins Saints and Angels speak to you most, you will be able to find these designs and others right here at Love My Swag, and some of them nowhere else. It’s rare to find a designer that presents such pointed inspiration in its finished pieces and manages to do all of that while still adhering to the age-old practice of handcrafted jewelry. Whether you want to give a gift that will signify love and devotion, offer the protection of a beneficiary intercessor, or just need to find some new style to pair with a new trend, the designs by Virgins Saints and Angels will not disappoint. In fact, they are truly one of a kind, and they will impress like no other. That’s because nowhere else will you be able to find jewelry that is not only handmade but has taken such direct inspiration from so many spiritual and mythical sources. In many cases not only beautiful but also reserved in their glamor, the designs by Virgins Saints and Angels are fundamentally different. The finished products of VSA Jewelry carry that vision and influence in their very core. So when you’re looking for that style that you just can’t reproduce, find it right here at Love My Swag.

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