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Get More Out of Your Jewelry Collection with Les Georgettes Custom Cuffs

You love your jewelry. Your collection of pretty gold bands, dangly earrings, and sparkling silver bracelets has served you well over the years. Your favorite pieces have seen everything from weddings and cocktail parties to casual lunches and lazy days on the couch. Each new addition to your ever-growing jewelry box has a purpose, a place to be worn, and an outfit to match. Jewelry is, in many ways, some of the most sentimental pieces of your wardrobe! So it can be difficult to admit to yourself when your go-to bracelets and bangles lose their sheen and start to become...well, boring.

After all, how many times can you wear the same old gold bangle before your eyes start to wander towards something more exciting? Something more colorful, perhaps? Something versatile, fun, unique, and stylish. Something that’s a total fashion accessory game changer. Something like a Les Georgettes cuff or ring!

Les Georgettes is on a mission to reinvigorate your jewelry box with a collection of gorgeous metal jewelry that is as unique as your personal style! This innovative designer jewelry brand is redefining how you wear jewelry with a collection of bracelets and rings that are made to be mixed, matched, rearranged, and personalized to suit whatever life throws your way. Each piece of this awesome jewelry line can be endlessly customized with bright pops of color, fun metallic inserts, and sparkling glitter accents. So how does it work?

It begins with the base. First, you’ll choose a cuff bracelet or ring as your starter piece. Each Les Georgettes ring and cuff is gorgeous on its own, so feel free to stop there! But to take full advantage of the endless possibilities of this custom jewelry collection, next you’ll want to pick out a reversible leather or fluid-perspex insert. Each of the inserts is reversible, with a different color or style on each side! Choose your favorite color combo or stock up on leather and fluid-perspex inserts for even more options! Then, attach your insert to the inside of your bracelet or ring and voila! Your beautiful jewelry is ready to go.

Love My Swag offers a selection of Les Georgettes customizable cuffs in a variety of chic styles, widths, and patterns, each of them gorgeous on their own and ready to personalize with reversible leather cuffs. Say goodbye to boring, non-personalized jewelry and say hello to possibilities!

Our stunning collection of metal cuffs is available in three classic jewelry metals: timeless gold, elegant silver, and trendy rose gold. Each of the bracelet cuffs and leather inserts is available in 4 different widths. The 8mm bracelets and leather inserts are slim and petite, making them cute subtle accents for minimalist outfits. The 14mm bracelets and inserts are a little thicker, for a slightly bigger and bolder look. The 25mm bracelet cuffs are our second widest, while the 40mm metal cuffs really bring the wow factor!

The stylish metal cuffs also come in a variety of styles to suit your personal preferences. The Barrette 14mm Cuff, for example, features a bedazzled centerpiece to add some sparkle to your bracelet. The Tresse 25mm Cuff features a geometric pattern that pairs well with other minimalist or geometric inspired jewelry in your collection. The Maillon 14mm Cuff in Rose Gold offers a romantic interlocking chain pattern for a chic finish that looks great solo and even better with a red leather insert attached.

In addition to the wide selection of metal cuffs, Love My Swag proudly stocks 18 different reversible Les Georgettes inserts in 4 different sizes. With 2 colors per insert (remember, each leather band is reversible!), that comes out to 144 unique ways to personalize your metal cuff!

These reversible, genuine leather cuff inserts are made in France and crafted with care. Each leather band features a pair of colors designed to suit your mood and match your outfit! Choose from a variety of color combinations, like Orange Lilliem & Blue Nimbus, Patent Yellow & Bluestone, Menthol & Dayglo Pink, and more!

With dozens of colors to choose from, there’s a leather insert to match every mood, handbag, outfit, or shoe imaginable! The Iridescent Silver & Black combo, the Cream & Gold Glitter combo, and the classic Black & White combo are perfect for black tie events or understated, more neutral outfits. Feeling a little bolder? Opt for eye-catching, neon color combos like Coral & Metallic Blue, Patent Denim & Metallic Burgundy, or Sun Yellow & Silver! To ensure an endless rotation of customized jewelry, we recommend picking up a few different leather inserts so you’ll have an option for any occasion.

When you’ve selected your favorite metal cuffs and leather inserts, proudly welcome them into your jewelry collection. Have fun mixing, matching, playing, and customizing your metal bands and rings for years to come!