Highlighting the Influences of a Meira T Necklace

Among the many highly influential and highly esteemed designers that you can find in our collection here at Love My Swag is Meira T. Meira Tugendhaft, better known by the former, shorter moniker, produces some of the finest designs in jewelry in the world today.

A truly cosmopolitan traveler and erudite by nature, Meira T enjoys culture and nature, beauty and harmony, and takes from the scenes and sounds of the world at large to develop her unique creations. While it can be said of many designers’ works that they possess a unique character that is readily identifiable, Meira T’s work is not only so but truly unique for the elements she imparts into each piece.

Here are some of the elements that influence Meira T insomuch as they can be observed from her finished creations. You will find many of them in more than one example of a Meira T necklace, so consider this an introduction rather than a complete analysis. Start here, and to investigate more, visit our collection of Meira T jewelry.

Overtones of Nature

Some of the most elemental of influences that can be seen in any given example of a Meira T necklace are those of the natural world. While Meira T has a deep sense of love and appreciation for works of culture and humanity, those of the natural world holds an equal portion of her heart. Therefore, in so many examples of her work, you can see overtones of nature exhibited on the surface.

For a concrete example, consider the Meira T’s Moon and Stars Necklace, which actually pairs up a lot more than natural influences, though these remain to be elucidated. In beautiful, bright white gold, this necklace hinges on the central pendant of a crescent moon accented in pave diamonds, with the accent of a star off hanging the entire portrait.

A necklace like this is a perfect example of Meira T’s appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. Interestingly enough, the very fact that the necklace itself is a work of human artifice can be called a statement. The moon and stars of the real world are beautiful enough on their surface, but the act of transcribing them into jewelry is a human endeavor. Therefore, there is a unique statement about the mutualism of art wrapped up in the very act of portraying a scene from the natural world. It is like a gentle nod to the beauty that is already there; an attempt to translate it is an homage.

Meira T’s Moon and Star Diamond Necklace in White Gold is an even better representation of the type of appreciation she holds for the natural world. This necklace is a much purer translation of natural beauty and lacks any semblance of asymmetry that is so common through much of her work. This is a beautifully balanced, pure distillation of the beauty of the natural world as she sees it, reconfigured in gold and diamonds, as though these precious materials have any claim whatsoever to the awe that the heavens can inspire.

Architectural Influences

As Meira T is such a practiced traveler and has seen so much of the world, it is inevitable that some of her collection will be colored by the sights and sounds she has witnessed throughout her peregrinations. As a result, some of her pieces are more mechanically arranged or geometric in nature which might lead the casual observer to detect the hint of the influence of human artifice, perhaps in the form of architecture. At the very least, some of them are unmistakably colored by manmade designs.

For an example of a Meira T necklace that may draw its inspiration from the world of architectural design, consider the Meira T Circle Diamond White Gold Pendant which has bears a few interesting resemblances to artificial designs. Consider the fact that its geometry is somewhat angular, which is a thing not only manmade but also ubiquitous in construction. It contains an artful mixture of round and squared off elements, which, though they might not be present in any given building, are common enough in construction.

At the same time, if you take a close look at the central pendant, it appears to be paved with an interesting amalgam of white gold mortar and various chips of diamond. Though this could be argued to take on a very natural appearance, it bears an uncanny resemblance to cement and other binders that are frequently used in urban construction.

The varying sizes of the elements that result in the finished character of this necklace certainly belie an influence that is not entirely natural, yet many more of Meira T’s designs can be called cultural and not purely architectural. Nonetheless, this one, in particular, has such a striking resemblance to the products of human engineering that it could be called so and not simply culturally inspired. Taking a look at the culturally influenced pieces that immediately follow this section will allow us to cast a wider net.

Cultural Influences

While we could make the standard assumption that many of Meira T’s designs have been heavily influenced by the impacts of human construction, it could also be said that many of them are merely cultural in origin and do not tie themselves to any feats of engineering.

As a representative of this unrefined break from the natural world that does not cross over into the section with investigated immediately previously, consider Meira T’s Tiny Cross Necklace. This necklace is an understatement of its very self and carries a lot of weight in a self-proclaimed “tiny” package.

With a little cross pendant dangling from a white gold chain and accented by pave diamond accents, it is diminution embodied and makes a gentle remark. It wants nothing for elegance, although it is small, and it can be called nothing but the product of human influence. Simple, untouched, and reverberating with the significance of the symbol it bears, it is one of the finest arguments that one can make in favor of Meira T’s cultural inspiration. She need not have traveled far or wide to find it, but it carries in its little design a huge weight of character. It would also make a fine gift to a person with an understated presence who cared about greater things.

It’s also far from the only Meira T necklace to betray such influences. Many other selections from our catalog can make the same impression and more. Take, for example, our Meira T Heart Charm Necklace, which is unmistakable for the same reasons.

Artfully and elegantly crafted in white gold like many of the other necklaces on this list, this Meira T highlight is defined by a large heart pendant that is flanked by some small accents to the side. Perhaps she is suggesting that love is defined by two parties and requires participation. Perhaps she is saying nothing more than that love in and of itself is beautiful. Whatever the case that you would desire to argue, the elements of cultural and undeniable. The heart is widely enough accepted as such a symbol that there is little reason to elaborate further. The case in point is that it is a simple, elegant representation of cultural beauty and deserves a place in your collection if for no other reason than that.

Complexity Vs. Simplicity

Something else that Meira T weaves into her jewelry is a fine balance of complexity versus simplicity. This might not be as readily apparent as some of the other points that we have illustrated up to now, but it is true enough and can be very plainly illustrated.

Take a look at her Open Cut Pave Diamond Disc Necklace for an artful representation of this claim. This necklace is commendable in its design if for no other reason than the fact that it took an immense amount of practice to execute. Only the central pendant itself is a work of art that is impressively complex. Take a look at the elaborate cutouts that define the piece and consider the effects of artistry as well as the skill that would be required to complete it. Even without the other accents that adorn the piece, this would hold the attention for the amount of detail involved in it. Even going beyond its cut out elements, there are a number of different sizes and shapes of diamond stones that went into its creation.

A great illustration of her commitment to simplicity on the other end of the spectrum is her Petite Diamond Bar Necklace, which is one of the few pieces crafted in yellow gold that appears in this article. It’s also one of the most symmetrical pieces and one of the more balanced pieces that will appear herein as well. This yellow gold chain contains a small gold bar accented with a few diamond accents and nothing more. There are no overt natural tones or other tones of artistry. One might claim that the simple linear design is reminiscent of the geometry that goes into some of her more architecturally or culturally influenced pieces, but this is up to the observer to decide. Nonetheless, what can be said is that it is simply pretty, with the keyword being simple.

Imbalance of Elements

Whereas a Meira T necklace may exhibit a fine and sculpted balance between complexity and simplicity, there is a noticeable imbalance of the other elements. We’ll take a look at a few specific Meira T design to illustrate this point.

Meira T’s Opal Necklace with Three Bezels makes this point better than perhaps any other piece of jewelry on this site, although there are other excellent examples that do the same. This imbalance is almost tangible in this piece; in fact, we will go so far as to say that it is explicitly tangible. If only for the fact that there are three accents to the right of the central pendant and two to the left, and that they are all of different sizes and shapes, there is a feeling of a lopsided impression about this necklace.

But it doesn’t stop at that alone. Looking casually at the central opal pendant you are immediately convinced that it is not perfectly round. There are imperfections in any cabochon, but this not really a cabochon and even so, the asymmetry of the piece is palpable.

This is not a negative criticism and it is also no aspersion either. In fact, there is something about the lack of balance that is both charming and pleasing. Words like imbalance, asymmetrical, and lopsided might sound negative, but the finished effect is anything but that.

For one thing, necklaces like these that are charmingly off-center, for lack of a better term, are excellent at captivating the attention of an audience. Symmetry is beautiful, but chaos is commanding. In pieces of jewelry like this that have elements of both, there is nothing wanting in the way of pleasantry.

Meira T’s Square Amazonite Necklace makes this impact even more potently than the former entry. This necklace has three accents to the right of a pendant that seems to be evenly cut. In fact, it gives such a quadrilateral impression that the name of the piece itself explicitly lists it as a square. Yet square it is not. Don’t give quarter to the illusion; look for but a moment and you will quickly realize that it is only roughly shaped in the image of a rectangle.

The purpose of this leaves a lot of room for guesswork, but suffice it to say in our limited space that it captures the attention, holds it, and forces the viewer at least to think on the matter if only long enough to recognize the pendant as worthy of positive appraisal.

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