Not Just a Cobra Bracelet: Other Great Designs by Janis Savitt


When it comes to decorating yourself with some designs by the finest and most highly esteemed names in fashion, it’s impossible not to come across Janis Savitt sooner or later. If you have any passion for flair and design at all, you’re going to come across it sooner, anyway.

Much of the fame to which Janis Savitt and her inspirations can lay claim has been distilled by the unbelievable power and moment of some of her bracelets. In specific, her cobra bracelets have drummed up an immense amount of international acclaim.

They are monuments of intricacy, a testament to the balance and energy that can be accomplished through the artful intermingling of precious metals. They have not failed to catch the attention of some of the most influential people of our time. In recent years, you may have witnessed Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Rihanna, Uma Thurman, Serena Williams, and many other celebrities, socialites, and other stars arrayed in designs by Janis Savitt. Moreover, Janis Savitt has made the list of ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ for three years in a row now.

That being said, there is much more to the designer than meets the eye and as fabulous as her iconic cobra bracelets are, there is much more to her portfolio than they represent. Here are some lesser-known pieces from our collection of Janis Savitt Jewelry, and you can find them all right here at Love My Swag.

3 Gold Ball Earrings

These beautifully lustrous earrings make the most of their simple golden, perhaps even minimalistic design. Perhaps the most tantalizing thing about them is the fact that other similar earrings would contain baubles suspended by chains. That is not the case with these - the 3 golden balls are suspended by rigid wire, and interesting change from the norm. From the negative space afforded by the wire to the fullness of the golden spheres, this is a set of earrings to delight the eyes and captivate the imagination.

Walking Liberty Coin Necklace

Here is another stellar selection from our collection of Janis Savitt jewelry, this time in the form of an elegant necklace. Much like the earrings that we investigated above, this necklace is somewhat iconoclastic in the manner it presents itself. It is almost like a choker in its style and has a flexible collar instead of a chain. That extra presence of metal in the collar gives it a lot more gravity and helps to counterbalance the effect of the coin that serves as a pendant. You can find this beautiful necklace on our website in both gold and silver - get both if you appreciate the style but need the freshness of variety.

Gold Indian Head Necklace with Crystal Toggle

This is a piece from Janis Savitt that has some of the more conventional elements of the piece of jewelry that it represents. With an albeit weight gold chain and a bright pendant in the likeness of an Indian Head coin - not dissimilar to a Buffalo Quarter, but in gold - this necklace makes plenty of waves. This may be largely due to the fact that one might be used to seeing such a coin in silver and the gold is a novel and welcome change. Whatever the case it is arresting and attractive, nonetheless. Sometimes a thing must be accepted on its own self-evident merits. We will take that here.

Matte Gold and Golden Shadow Lariat Necklace

This is another necklace that more or less follows the inspiration of the earlier designs in this article. There is some sort of evident asymmetry ensconced within the piece, which, as it does in other arenas, only serves to make the piece more attractive. In this enclave of design, for some reason or other, such asymmetry is a welcome change from the norm. There is also something about the character of this necklace that gives it the poise of a bracelet, and that effect is jarring, to say the least. But jarring though it is, it keeps the attention fixed on the necklace, and that is in no wise a bad thing. The crystal pendant that is the central fixture of this necklace does its part as well to stimulate the senses and gather interest. It is champagne colored rather than clear, and that, like the asymmetry of the piece, is a sort of fixative agent for attention. It’s a rather stunning highlight from an already persuasive collection of jewelry.

These are only a few of the more salient selections from our collection of Janis Savitt Jewelry, outside our collection of her cobra bracelets. To see more of them, view our full collection of this page of Janis Savitt Jewelry, where you will find these listed here and many more. Take a look through them and don’t be afraid to let your imagination wander. That may just be when you find your next favorite piece.

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