Perfect Thomas Sabo Charms to Start Your Charm Bracelet

Jewelry is a timeless, thoughtful gift that will never go out of style. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, or just because, you can’t go wrong gifting a delicate piece of jewelry to your someone special. Love My Swag stocks an impressive selection of high-end jewelry from an array of talented designers and brands, and we’re certain that whatever your style and whoever you’re shopping for, we’ve got the piece for you.

Among the most popular, giftable, and customizable jewelry designers in our luxury stock is Thomas Sabo. Thomas Sabo’s Charm Club collection boasts a variety of charm bracelets and Thomas Sabo charms that you can mix and match to create a truly one-of-a-kind gift for anyone on your list. Whether you’re making one for yourself or gifting it to a loved one, Love My Swag is here to help with this handy guide on starting a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet!

First, you’ll need a charm bracelet, chain, or cord to build your bracelet on. Love My Swag offers a variety of starter charm bracelets to choose from, from colorful silk cords to decadent silver and gold bracelets, and one is bound to be your new favorite. Thomas Sabo also carries child-sized charm bracelets, if you’re shopping for a little one!

When choosing a base bracelet, keep in mind the personal style of who will be wearing the bracelet, as well as the overall look you’d like to achieve with the collection of Thomas Sabo charms. For bright, colorful, statement styles, we recommend choosing a silk cord in a fun color, like green or violet. For a more understated, natural vibe, opt for the brown or black leather cord. And for a classic sophisticated look, choose a metal charm bracelet like gold, silver, or rose gold.

Once you’ve selected your perfect Thomas Sabo base bracelet, it’s time to pick your charms! Remember, the customization of your charm bracelet is completely up to you. Pick as many or as few charms as you’d like, in the styles that suit you. Feel free to stock up on charms and switch them out from day to day to match your outfit, mood, or vibe! We’ve sorted our collection of Thomas Sabo charms into a few different categories to help you choose which charms you’ll be adding to your bracelet.

Bead Charms
Bead Charms, unlike many of the charms listed below, have a small hole through the middle, rather than a lobster clasp, to attach them to your bracelet. These beads are great for adding sparkle and color to your charm bracelet, and adding space between your dangling charms! When you begin creating your charm bracelet, bead charms are a great place to start.

Family & Friends Charms

To add a personal touch to a charm bracelet your gifting to a friend or loved one, be sure to include a charm that celebrates your relationship. The My Best Friend Charm is made of polished sterling silver and shaped like a heart with “my best friend” carefully engraved in the center. This dangling charm makes a heartfelt addition to a bracelet for your number one pal! Similar charms for family and friends include the Best Mom charm and the My Baby charm, both wonderful gifts for new mothers!

Love & Marriage Charms
If your custom Thomas Sabo charm bracelet is a Valentine’s Day, wedding, or anniversary present for your significant other, a romantic charm is a must-have. Choose the Red Zirconia Heart Charm to add a pop of lovely color to your bracelet, or opt for a traditional image of love with the Key With Heart Charm, Wedding Rings Charm, or the Faith Hope Love Charm in silver or gold!

Animals & Nature Charms
Include wild animal charms on your bracelet, like the Elephant Charm, Green Chameleon Charm, and Kangaroo Charm to embrace your adventurous side, or choose charms that will honor your very own furry friends! The Dog Charm, Cat Charm, and Horse Charm make gorgeous additions to any animal lover’s charm bracelet!

Letters & Numbers Charms
Include important names, initials, dates, and anniversaries on your bracelet by incorporating letter and number charms into your collection! Love My Swag sells an alphabet’s worth of Thomas Sabo charms in sterling silver and bejeweled styles.

Birthstone & Zodiac Charms
Choose charms with birthstones or zodiac signs for an additional personal touch to your charm bracelet! Our zodiac sign and birthstone charms make gorgeous birthday gifts and add color and personality to your charm bracelet.

Symbols & Faith Charms
Our collection of symbols and faith charms are the perfect way to let your personality shine on your charm bracelet! This fun selection includes faith symbols, like crosses and angels, as well as various symbols and objects to represent your hobbies, interests, and lifestyle! From simple peace sign charms to quirky hashtag charms, there’s a Thomas Sabo charm that’s sure to catch your eye.

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