Putting Together a Punk Rock Look with Jewelry

Arch Wing Skull Ring
Who says punk isn’t couture? There’s no better time than now to channel your inner punk-rock self. As demonstrated by the celebs, most recently at the fashionable Met Gala, the punk rock look is in – so get your metals and studs out.

If you’re in the mood to play some homage to the rock & rollers of the past, than you’re on trend. Decking yourself out in edgy pieces is a fun way to add some fierceness to your look. However, there are a few guidelines to follow to help you put together the best punk rock look. Rocker inspired motifs such as studs, metals, skulls, and leather can look quite stylish, but this punk-rock look is easy to over do.
King Baby Studio Earrings with Skulls and Traditional Cross

Keep It Simple: This look can end up looking extreme, so try to keep it toned done and mixed rock pieces with more simple or delicate looks. For example, incorporate a skull motif into your look with a rink or bracelet, but avoid wearing skull pieces all at once. King Baby Studio has a great selection of skull pieces, such as the Arch Wing Skull Ring.
Dark Magdalena Necklace

Layer: Mix two trends in one. You can add some chicness while still perfecting that edgy-rock look by layering with necklaces or bracelets. For example, find a studded cuff and stack it with delicate gold, silver, or jeweled bracelets. It’s the same for layering your necklaces. Choose rock star inspired necklace, like the Virgin, Saints, and AngelsDark Magdalena necklace, and layer with more subdued chains.
Thomas Sabo Leather Bracelet 

Wardrobe Combos: Punk-rock themed jewelry is oftentimes very noticeable. It naturally gives off a fierce look. This punk-rock jewelry look tends to be more statement oriented. Just like other statement jewelry pieces, you want to have only one attention-grabbing piece. Keep the rest of your jewelry to a minimum or choose more complimentary pieces to pair with your statement piece. This rule applies to your clothing as well. You can’t go wrong pairing your punk inspired pieces with a LBD or a killer leather jacket. Band shirts are also a natural pairing, just avoid putting too many of these items together because it will end up looking too forced and less stylish.
Thomas Sabo Heart with Wings and Lock Charm

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