Send the Perfect Message With Thomas Sabo Charms

You have so many options in front of us to give as gifts nowadays, for so many different celebrations. Holidays, birthdays, religious milestones, graduations and other special occurrences all call for special gifts. On top of that, you’re flooded every hour of the day with an endless stream of advertisements propounding the best of this, that and the other thing.

With so many events to celebrate for so many different people and with so much flooding your senses, it can be really tough to settle on gifts. This is unfortunate because special people and special events all call for the care and attention of a gift that really reflects the importance of the people in your life. While it can sometimes feel like there’s too much material floating around and not enough substance behind much of it, there are still a few corners of the market where you can turn to find unique, original pieces of jewelry that will give a certain degree of personalization to a gift.

One of the designers who still creates pieces that have a unique sense of individuality is Thomas Sabo. Well known for his exquisite designs featuring silver and obsidian, Thomas Sabo also offers a comprehensive line of charms in one of a kind styles reflecting a wide range of passions and themes.

Thomas Sabo also offers a line of charms in designs that celebrate important tropes and commemorate special occasions. One of the great things about Thomas Sabo charms is that you can use them to send customized, thoughtful messages to the people to whom you give them. Make a statement for the birthday of a musician or an equestrian. Celebrate the taste of a fashionista or of the dog lover in your life. There are so many different ways you can go when you use a Thomas Sabo charm to make a tasteful and individualized gift.

Thomas Sabo charms are the ideal gift to give when you are looking for something that’s personalized and really reflects an individual’s interests, passions and experiences. Thomas Sabo charms make great gifts at any time of year for any person because you can easily pick and choose between designs to create a custom presentation tailored to the recipient. Here are a few of the beautiful messages you can send with Thomas Sabo charms and the pieces you can use to do so.

Send A Message Of Love
The charms you will find in our Thomas Sabo collection make excellent pieces to present as a message of love, whether for a birthday, for Valentine’s day or just as a special surprise to that lucky someone who has made the difference in your life. Part of what’s great about these charms by Thomas Sabo is the fact that there are so many different options - there is no one size fits all approach. You can put together a few of them to send a personalized message to the special person in your life.

Take, for example, Thomas Sabo’s Heart Charm 0193. Whether alone or when coupled with other significant charms this will make quite a stir for its unique design that refuses to let go of traditional elements and styling. It presents an unforgettable representation of a heart in a classic sterling silver design that can’t be missed or emphasized enough. One can get as intricate as desired with design, but nothing quite says “I love you” like a simple heart in sterling silver.

Simplicity is dear, but as vibrant and potent as this simple design is, we offer other unique designs by Thomas Sabo such as their 0872 Hearts Charm. It showcases the likenesses of two hearts entwined together and presented in the likeness of rope. It sends a powerful message - our hearts are bound inextricably, yet it does so with the subtlety of poetic design.

If you’re looking to send a personalized message to someone important in your life, this is a great Thomas Sabo charm to send a strong message of someone’s importance in your life.

Another great design by Thomas Sabo is their 0003 Cherie Charm. It still brings the power of a simply outlined heart to a small medallion but it pairs it with the power of language. Cherie is a beautiful term of endearment from the French for a ‘little dear,’ and it’s just about the perfect thing to inscribe on a charm for your little dear.

Another great charm that you can use to make a rare gift to an important person in your life is Thomas Sabo’s 0836 Two Hearts Charm. Without departing from the pointed significance of the representation of a heart as an emblem of love it makes a sharp statement of the unity of love. Two plain silver hearts are joined on one ring, which carries all the sentiment with which you charge it, but that part is up to you.

Another great charm to give as a token of love and appreciation is Thomas Sabo’s DC0013 Lovebirds Diamond Charm. With the likenesses of two lovebirds encaptured in a sterling silver format and both bearing a diamond set silver heart, it’s a lovely testament to the enduring and adoring aspects of a loving relationship. It’s also a timeless symbol for the dedication and commitment of true love.

They Make Great Gifts for Nature Lovers
Thomas Sabo charms also make great customized gifts for nature lovers. In much the same way that you can send a special messaged to a loved one on the basis of your bond, you can give someone you care about the gift of personal accessorization.

If there’s a special equestrian in your life you can present them with a gift like Thomas Sabo’s 1247 Horse Charm for a unique and thoughtful gift. It shows off the silhouette of a horse and cubic zirconia studded horseshoe in one simple yet creative package. For those who live and work with horses, their horses are extensions of their families - they’re lifestyle revolves around them. Whether they add it to a necklace, a bracelet, or come up with some other creative and decorative use for it, it can really give some light of personality to a setting.

If there are any people out there that can give equestrians a run for their money on the grounds of devotion, they’re pet owners. Just as horses can become an esteemed member of a doting family, so can dogs and cats be fully absorbed into the inner circles of their homes. For the dog lover in your life (or for yourself), we offer plenty of Thomas Sabo ornaments and charms to honor their devotion. Take, for example, their 0316 Dog Charm. It’s an adorable likeness of a Scottish Terrier or a West Highland Terrier, and specific or not to the breeds in question would make an excellent gift for someone with a great love for canine children.

Then again, we offer charms like the 0742 Westie In Pink Bag Charm, which might just be the ideal encapsulation of what it means to be in absolute admiration of your pup. It shows off a little West Highland Terrier snugly wrapped up in a pink handbag. This is a great gift for anyone who simply can’t be found outside of the company of their pup.

For cat lovers, you have your pick of options as well, from their 1337 Cats Charm to their 1014 Cat Charm. For those with feline children, like all pet parents, their cats are members of their families. A charm like this would make a fitting gift for anyone with a furry friend at the center of his or her life, and a very considerate gift in token of admiration for love and devotion.

What about for animal loves from all other walks of life, including those who appreciate the natural world but don’t own pets? You can choose between our Thomas Sabo Charms featuring the likenesses of many different animal wonders of the natural world.

From charms in the likeness of hippos, butterflies and sea stars to charms of seahorses, penguins, shells and more, there’s something for every nature lover. Regardless of the style of natural charm you’re looking for, you’ll find a Thomas Sabo design to suit the occasion.

Send A Custom Message Tailored To Hobbies and Interests
Everyone knows a fashionista with a great sense of style who can always be found showing off the latest and greatest trends. There’s no shopping for new styles for them - they find them on their own and they’re proud of it. So when you want to give a gift to that special person who’s head over heels for fashion and design, be creative. Think outside of the box. Find them something like Thomas Sabo’s 0027 Shoe Charm. In the shape of a gorgeous and trendy ice-studded heel the likes of which any fashionable lady would love to own, this charm does great honor to those who follow the trends. Perhaps their 0741 Black Clog Charm makes an even better statement with its bright black enamel and cubic zirconia accents. It might be a matter of personal taste but this charm surely pops.

What about those with musical tastes? Singers and musicians alike will be enthralled by Thomas Sabo’s 0968 Music Charm. It features musical notes and a heart in three finishes - yellow and rose gold and silver - to give some extra class and a measure of devotion to those who themselves are devoted to the passions of their musical talents. It makes a great gift at any time of year for those who perform and is a humble little reminder of their dedication in all tides. Their 0903 Note Charm makes another wonderfully fitting gift for singers, musicians or other musically inclined people.

Is there a cosmopolitan in your life with a love of travel and seeing the globe? If so, what could make a better gift than travel themed charms as a nod to their favorite pursuit?

Take a look at Thomas Sabo’s 1069 London Taxi Charm. It’s beautifully detailed and features black enamel on the body of the taxi. As if there could possibly be any doubt as to the significance of the piece, the Union Jack is brightly and boldly enameled on the roof of the car. A wonderful little reminder of places visited and sights seen, this charm could make a great gift for a traveler - especially with one for a penchant for the places visited across the pond.

Another great gift for world travelers is Thomas Sabo’s 0936 Eiffel Tower Charm. In the likeness of none other than the Eiffel Tower, this charm would be a humble and gentle token of admiration for places visited - especially if one of those places was Paris. Slightly more eccentric is our Thomas Sabo 1417 Africa Charm. In this piece, the silhouette of Africa is graven with the images of animals commonly sought out on safari - Cape buffalo, elephants, rhinos, leopards and lions. Put together a combination of these and make a presentation of it for the world traveler in your life.

As beautiful and personal as all of these designs that we’ve explored truly are, there’s no way to do justice to our collection of Thomas Sabo charms in writing, and particularly not in this limited space. To truly appreciate the visual splendor represented by his designs, you’ll simply have to check our catalog of charms here.

They make excellent gifts at any time of year, especially when you really personalize them to the person whom you’re gifting. Additionally, the possibilities are endless - no one can be summed up in one or even in a handful of traits. If you really want to make a statement to a special someone, you can offer them a Thomas Sabo bracelet and a few charms thoughtful charms to start them off. You’ll find so many options here at Love My Swag that it’ll be easy to get started putting together a wonderfully customized gift featuring the exquisite designs of Thomas Sabo.

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