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Some Glorious Earrings By Diego Percossi Papi

The designs by Diego Percossi Papi are some of the most highly esteemed and widely lauded pieces of jewelry in the world today. Inspired by a careful study of technique that it takes a lifetime of observation and reflection to communicate in design, the jewelry designs by Percossi Papi are paragons of aesthetic excellence.

Inspired by natural and cultural themes, his designs are evocative of historical iconography and a deeply hued sense of appreciation for the beauty of the world. They are some of the most detailed and intricate designs of jewelry that one can find on the market today, and if your sense of style attracts you to his peerless fashion, you can rest assured that your tastes are pure and refined.

Here at Love My Swag, we are proud to offer the exquisite designs of Diego Percossi Papi that can be used to put the polish of culture and civility on you as nothing else can. That being said, here are some of our chosen designs.

Hand Painted Miniature Earrings These hand-painted miniature earrings are so peerless idols, ideals even, of beauty, so densely imbued with color and detail that it’s difficult to know where to begin an appreciation of them. These earrings are crafted from sterling silver and feature gold and enamel accents, including in their design the hand-painted likenesses of subjects of classic art.

The earrings are also embellished and aggrandized with copious rococo flourishes of metal filigree, micro pave seed pearls and precious and semi-precious stones. So complex is the image of their beauty that it is easier to behold them for their visual aesthetics than to attempt to distill their allure in words. Only take a look at them to appreciate their beauty.
Blue Topaz and Pearl Earrings 
These are another absolutely stunning example of the ornate complexity of so many designs in earrings by Percossi Papi. Sterling silver and gold vermeil create the trellis around which the florid beauty of the earrings entirety grows. Blue topaz and pearls are framed with a completely peerless intricacy of flourishes in gold and enamel, resulting in earrings that require a fair allotment of time to fully appreciate.

One simply cannot glance at them and comprehend the splendor of their elaborate design. It is a pair of earrings like this that leaves no confusion as to why critics are so laudatory in their appraisal of Percossi Papi, or why so many of his pieces have been featured in cinema.
Blue Topaz Earrings 
These earrings are an example of some of the natural designs that have served as inspiration for design. These earrings feature gold and silver along with blue topaz and mini pave stones, but it's in the design and not the separate components that these earrings really shine. There are few things more beautiful and impressive in the natural world than the moon and stars.

Always gentle, never overbearing like the grandeur of the sun, the moon and stars are silent but persistent reminders that there is infinite beauty right in front of or above us at all times. All these earrings do is help to distill that natural liquor into a state that can easily be used for ornamentation - and we do believe an excellent job has been done of that.

Large Cross Pendant One of his designs that has clearly drawn from the joint wells of culture and history is his Large Cross Pendant. This piece is resplendent with bright colors and lacks nothing in terms of appeal. Whether as a symbol or profession of faith or simply for its intrinsic beauty, this pendant is multifaceted in its appeal. It draws in the eye both with the brilliance of its bright gold design as well as with the eclectic adornment of jewels.

In its framework, there are such jewels as garnet, blue topaz, peridot, tourmaline, amethyst and iolite pearls. With a piece of jewelry this attractive and captivating it would be very difficult indeed to escape notice for your tasteful discretion in jewelry and design. The inclusion of so many different stones of different natures in different faceted cuts and cabochons gives unmistakable distinction to this piece.

We here at Love My Swag are proud to offer these designs and other exclusive offerings from Percossi Papi, including many designs that are very highly sought after and difficult to find. Take a look here at our full offering of Percossi Papi designs to find the next piece for your collection. Whatever your taste in style, we offer you multiple options from this and other exclusive designers right here on our site.

Check out our offerings as a starting point to find your taste in style and design - we make it easy to refine your identity through your accessorization. Whether it’s a history-inspired design you’re after or something that underscores natural beauty, we have a multitude of options to fit the bill.