Spiritual Chic: Our 10 Favorite Pieces from Virgins Saints and Angels This Season


Virgin Saints and Angels make some of the most luxurious jewelry in the world.

Cheryl Finnigan's iconic brand is made by hand in romantic San Miguel Allende. Not only are they well-made, but the meaning behind each piece resonates with all. Spread love while looking fabulous.

With all the VSA designs to choose from, where do you start? Keep reading for ten of the most beautiful VSA pieces you've got to see.

1. Milagrosa Magdalena Necklace

Saint Mary Magdalene is one of the most revered women in the Bible. Not only did she devote herself wholly to Jesus, but she exemplified His grace. She came from a life of sin into the light of God.

This Milagrosa Magdalena necklace cherishes what Saint Magdalene stood for. With four strands of delicate chrome crystals, they point to a hanging pendant. The Milagrosa pendant is removable, but it looks gorgeous left on. Add an extender for a little extra length, or wear long for ultimate versatility.

The toggle clasp makes this necklace easy to take on and off. You can even wear it as a long necklace or a short one.

2. Lux San Benito Rosary

Rosary style necklaces make a stunning jewelry piece because of their versatility. There are various ways to wear them, even more if you get a necklace extender.

The Lux San Benito Rosary is a special piece from VSA. The strands comprise of gold vermeil and turquoise beads. The focal point is the San Benito metal pendant.

This rosary looks beautiful in every season, but especially in the summer. Turquoise screams crystal waters, white sand, and hot sun.

3. Madonna Earrings

No, this necklace doesn't have the Material Girl etched on the pendant. This Madonna refers to Jesus' mother, Mary. She was most noted for her miraculous birth while remaining a virgin.

These earrings are no subtle after-thought. They're a statement piece reaching two inches long and 0.75 inches wide. Upon the silver or gold plate sits Swarovski crystals and the open-cut Madonna.

Whether you choose the gold or silver option, both are sure to steal the show. Be bold in your fashion, and in your faith.

4. Ava Cruz Necklace

Perhaps the strongest message our world needs today is peace. The dove is a symbolic representation of peace and kindness. It reminds us to love everyone as Jesus would.

The Ava Cruz necklace features a Swarovski crystal dove connected to a cross. It looks delicate and peaceful in its design. You can get it in gold or silver, both look gorgeous.

This necklace is a very simple piece. It adds an understated luxury to your outfit. And, it always reminds you to live your life with peace and kindness.

5. Oval Sacred Heart Rosary

The Sacred Heart represents the resurrected heart of Jesus. Despite the thorn and wire that pierced it, it still beats strong for God. Faith-based jewelry often depicts the Sacred Heart because of its meaning.

The Oval Sacred Heart Rosary is no exception. Beautiful and elegant, this necklace is a sophisticated design. You can wear it long or short and add an extender if you prefer.

With a stunning beaded bezel hanging from the gold strands, the Sacred Heart stands out. This necklace would be perfect to dress up an outfit or wear to a formal event.

6. Paloma Cross Necklace

You haven't felt luxury until you've worn the Cross Necklace from the Paloma collection. This masterpiece demands attention. 

Made from silver or gold vermiel, both versions have a 24K gold plate to hold the cross. Decked out with Swarovski crystals, this gorgeous piece screams elegance and luxury.  

7. Les Celeste Cuff

What woman doesn't love a stunning charm bracelet? Finally, we get one made from the highest-quality materials with a spectacular design. 

The Les Celeste Cuff adds a feminine, bohemian flare to any outfit. It features some of VSA's quintessential charms. Like, San Benito, St. Christopher, and Miraculous Virgin. 

With an easy to use lobster-claw, this bracelet works well with any lifestyle. 

8. Paloma Cross Cuff

Sometimes, all your outfit needs is one good statement piece. The Paloma Cross cuff is exactly what you're looking for. It creates an edgy, bold statement without feeling too big.

This hand-crafted cuff features gold plating and Swarovski crystals. The unique VSA design depicts a cut-out cross among crystals and filigree.

When you choose to wear a cuff, you know it's going to stand out. This one is 2.5 inches wide and sure to attract attention.

9. Sacred Heart Oval Cuff

If you're looking for the perfect gift for an important woman in your life, look no further. The Sacred Heart Oval Cuff is full of symbolism; it denotes love and appreciation. 

Plus, it's adorned with Swarovski crystals upon a silver or gold plate. At 1.25 inches wide, this hand-crafted cuff is the perfect size.  

10. Bringing Her Home Ring

This final VSA design is truly one of a kind. The intricate Milagro medallion sits on a bezel adorned with crystal hearts. Swarovski crystal hearts, that is.

The center of the medallion features an etched Saint Mary. The hearts seem to ignite from the center, reminding us to return to our faith whenever we drift.

The Bringing Her Home Ring would make an excellent gift to any young woman. Birthdays, graduations, and baptisms are the perfect settings to gift this ring.

Want to See More Virgin Saints and Angels Jewelry?

When you fall in love with your style, you want to scream it to the world. It's your biggest asset and number one value. Why not honor it with your jewelry?

Virgin Saints and Angels makes luxurious jewelry with a message. You can wear each piece knowing you look stylish wherever you go.

If you loved the ten designs mentioned here, check out VSA's other collections. Hand-crafted jewelry has never looked so chic!

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