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SWAG Highlight: Cocktail Rings

Garnishing our hands with beautiful cocktail rings has been a classic fashion trend for decades. Making its first appearance in the roaring twenties, fashionable women of that time would showcase their modern day style by proudly wearing cocktail rings while casually sipping on their champagne. From the 1920’s to 1950’s, these bold and oversized rings continued to make an appearance at all of the fashionable social gatherings and parties. Cocktail rings have continued to remain a popular accessory for party-goers, looking to add some glamour to their style.

Whether it’s one large gem or a colorful cluster of gems or stones, cocktail rings come in many various shapes and styles. Regardless of the style, cocktail rings are a must-have for all seasons.

Depending on your own style, you can change the look of an outfit simply with a cocktail ring. If you want a more demure, 20s inspired look, accessorize your hand with a single oversized gem. Choose a ring that looks understated from afar, yet has enough refined elegance to draw any eye up towards it once up-close. Now for the girls who want to make an instant statement and aren’t afraid of bling, then dress up two or more of your fingers in jeweled baubles.

Miriam Haskell Cocktail Ring

However you decide to wear your cocktail ring(s), parties are the perfect opportunity for you to give attention to your manicured hands and natural style, and cocktail rings are the perfect means of doing so. Miriam Haskell’s Large Cocktail Ring is one fabulous example of a cocktail ring find.

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