The Amazing Versatility Of A Les Georgettes Bracelet

In fashion, designers strive with so many different considerations and factors at once that the results are by nature intended to be unique, original and refreshingly different from each other. That’s one of the reasons that so many highly respected designers create jewelry that is so vastly different from each other. While one ring might be coveted for the flawlessness of the gem that is set in it, another ring might appeal to a critic’s sense of style specifically for the reason that it incorporates some asymmetry into it. One designer might make a name for himself or herself with minimal, skeletal designs, while another might rely on antiquarian and religious emblems to appeal to the viewer’s sense of tradition and mystique.

This ability to bring together so many diverse elements to create jewelry designs that are still original is one of the things that defines the popularity and reception of a line. There’s something else on top of individuality that can make jewelry dear to us, however, and that is the ability that a piece of jewelry can give you to express yourself.

Now, we don’t mean to say that you can be free to wear different pieces of jewelry with different styles and for different occasions. That much is obvious enough. What we mean is that a piece - or a line - of jewelry gains value from the fact that it, itself can change in depth and appearance to give you the ability to customize your style at any given time.

There are few designers that have taken this much forethought into bringing you designs that can shift in-depth and color with the changing times and moods of the wearer. One of the most - if not the most - customizable, personalizable pieces of jewelry is a Les Georgettes Bracelet. The styles exhibited by Les Georgettes bracelets are original enough themselves, but the great beauty of a Les Georgettes bracelet is the fact that one single bracelet and an accessory or two can give a multitude of differing appeals. It’s this visionary versatility and adaptability that has made Les Georgettes a commonplace name among critics and anyone else who appreciates a novel design. We’ll get into the uniqueness of the bracelet design and how it can be customized, but first, let’s take a look at some of the Les Georgettes bracelets that we offer here at Love My Swag, and how you can use them.

Pioneering Designs
Even without the ability to tailor a Les Georgettes bracelet, it’s a beautiful work of art, and each model features an interesting and unique design that draws inspiration from natural and geometric patterns and much more.

Take a look at the Ibiza 40mm Cuff in Silver. It’s not only bright but somehow bare in its design, and interesting to note just how much the brilliant tones of the silver play off of the negative space incorporated into its design. It’s actually so much more noticeable because of this interesting work of design.

It’s not to call it overly complex, because it lacks a certain complexity that makes it intriguing. It might be that it is so simple and straightforward that it seems all the clearer as a distinguished piece. Interestingly, it can be used to complement black, white and other neutral attire quite effectively, especially in concert with other silver.

Take a look at the Palmeraie 40mm Cuff, also in silver. Whereas the former entry is almost bare in its design, this is a full, sharp look with a multitude of intersecting lines and complexity to offer. It can be hard to say where the inspiration for this design came from, but where the former entry draws attention to its artful utilization of negative space, it is exactly the fullness of this piece that does it justice. It’s actually quite interesting to note how two cuffs with the same dimensions can present such different representations of self. If the Ibiza is understated, the Pameraie is very present.

Consider also the Nenuphar 40mm Cuff which is also in silver and the same size as the former entries. In this piece, it’s interesting to see that, though the basis of the design is the same, the effect is entirely different. All three bracelets examined so far are created from the same bones, yet this one produces an effect that’s almost impossible to refute.

There’s hardly a discerning eye that wouldn’t take a look at this bracelet and see a floral design in its impression. Despite the lack of color or specific details, the iterations of its surface remark to the sense that the pattern is floral. As a result, with or without color (as will shortly be explored) this bracelet can make a fine match with floral patterns or where a touch of natural beauty is in order.

Now we’ll take a look at a slightly different design that is also in silver. The Cannage 14mm Cuff takes its appeal from its reduced dimensions and simple, repetitive geometric design. Each entry previously explored, including the Ibiza, could be argued to be fuller and more complete than this, but in the same way that natural patterns and simple geometric repetition make touching decorations in art, this simple bracelet can do very much the same. All that, and we haven’t even explored the deepest seat of versatility that Les Georgettes bracelets offer yet.

But we’ve only so far investigated some of the options in Silver by Les Georgettes, and some of their finest offerings are in gold. Their Crocodile 14mm Cuff in gold is a great example of the natural versatility inherent in so many of their bracelets. Named after the crocodile, it probably draws its inspiration from the scutes of such a reptile, and it definitely does appear that way. But without the knowledge of its namesake, the eye and the mind wander. The cutout of the bracelet almost appears like so many cathedral or church windows as much as crocodile leather. It could be one as much as the other, or perhaps something even else. That much is up to the interpreting discretion.

In the same size but with another layer of intrigue and an entirely different pattern is the Les Georgettes Courbe Precious 14mm Cuff in gold with cubic zirconia. The pattern is in line with the outline of the cuff which serves to streamline and slenderize the whole image of the bracelet, but where it really shines in individuality is in its cubic zirconia settings. Most Les Georgettes bracelets are unadorned with gems or crystals, and this outlier adds a whole layer of depth and a little extra sparkle to the package. It also suits this bracelet much more finely to pairing with other gems.

Take a look at the Les Georgettes Volute 40mm Cuff in gold for a design that’s fairly similar to the first one explored herein. The Volute, though it includes graceful, sweeping, almost architectural lines, is somewhat similar to the Ibiza for its minimalism. However, where one is hard and bright, the other is soft and mellow. The curves and gold of the Volute are so much more fluid than the stark intersections of the Ibiza, and the Volute is much warmer - better suited for pairing with less neutral tones and other warmer pieces of jewelry.

Here’s another look entirely. The Poisson 25 mm Cuff in gold strikes a myriad appeal to the senses. There’s almost no negative space, and the entire bracelet seems almost like a solid gold band, but the cutouts that do impress themselves on the senses seem almost like clouds or rainbows that give this piece a sunny, inviting disposition. It is almost not until after that the name makes itself known, and perhaps this design is inspired by the scales of a fish. Either way, the effect is the same, and this is a bright, inviting piece.

It’s not just gold and silver that make Les Georgettes so special, however, although on their own they would do just splendidly. Take a look at the Maillon 14mm Cuff in rose gold for a refreshing sense of style in a Les Georgettes bracelet. This is a rare one in that it appears to be a chain-linked together to form a bracelet as opposed to a cutout. It takes a somewhat traditional style and revamps it slightly to give you a totally new look - it’s not a chain after all. With its simple and traditional look, it can be worn as demurely or as pointedly as you please.

Back to the typical stylings of Les Georgettes is their Girafe 14mm Cuff in rose gold. Much like the Poisson and the Crocodile, this bracelet has ostensibly taken the inspiration in its design from a natural pattern - that of a giraffe. Yet at first glance, the broken, irregular reticulation of its surface looks almost like shards of ice or glass. With so many images presenting themselves to the mind, this bracelet is versatile and multiply faceted in how it strikes an audience.

What of the Infini 14mm Cuff in rose gold? The name and the design leave little to the imagination - there’s definitely a nod to an infinity symbol in this design. It’s almost rare in the fact that it’s so straightforward. The concept of the infinity is one that is grave to the conscience, so in both name and import, this bracelet is a very impressive piece.

Finally, for the purposes of our exploration of the Les Georgettes line, we’ll take a look at the Les Georgettes Resille 14mm Cuff in rose gold. Like some of the options already explored, this model incorporates plenty of negative space into its design and a simple geometric pattern. Its secret possibly lies in its simplicity, but the rarity of rose gold makes it warmer than silver and somewhat more exotic than yellow gold. That gives it a little more appeal than some other options - yet the true versatility of a Les Georgettes bracelet is only now to be explored.

Versatility and Customizability
These are a few of the novel and interesting designs in Les Georgettes bracelets, and as intriguing and unique as these are, there are so many more examples of their designs on our page - just look right here. We’ve explored the appeal that some of them hold, and we’ve shown how even on their own they are versatile and adaptable in their own right. Even with all of that character and versatility built-in, there’s a whole other dimension of versatility and customizability you can explore with Les Georgettes bracelets.

Les Georgettes bracelets feature those cutouts and patterns for a reason, and it’s not all about offering negative space. Those cutouts can capitalize greatly on Les Georgettes’ reversible leather inserts that we also offer right here at Love My Swag. We offer black and white, nude and aqua, gray and light rose, coral and metallic blue leather inserts and many more. Pair them with a Les Georgettes bracelet and in each design, you have three entirely different looks built-in. It’s amazing to see how the negative space of one of their bracelets can be entirely transformed with the rich depth and colors of one of their inserts. Add depth, color, and the ability to match outfits and scenes with an insert and you have a piece of jewelry that’s not only fully customizable to the circumstances but entirely unique.

Get Them Right Here At Love My Swag
From the fact that Les Georgettes can get so many different styles out of the same basic design to the fact that they’ve ingeniously created customizable pieces at the same time, Les Georgettes offers something for nearly any taste to love. You can find any of the designs explored here right on our site and many, many more exquisite options and designs from Les Georgettes. Take a look at our pages and see what’s waiting for you there - we offer one of the broadest lines of jewelry around, and many of the hardest to find designers have pieces here right on our site - Les Georgettes among them.

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