The Comeback of Rose Gold

Rose gold, which first became popular in the 1920s, has made a notable comeback in the world of jewelry fashion. The metal is made by adding different percentages of copper to the mix of pure yellow gold.

Thomas Sabo Rose Gold Necklace
If you are looking for a rose gold necklace, try combining a Thomas Sabo Rose Gold Necklace and a Thomas Sabo Sterling Rose Pendant. This warm tone will flatter any skin tone and eye color,
Thomas Sabo Sterling Rose Pendant
allowing these pieces to extenuate your best features. Since this is a simple piece, you can mix and layer it with a variety of other pieces. We suggest pairing it with neutral or pastel tones.

Thomas Sabo Link Bracelet
If you are thinking of starting a charm bracelet, the Thomas Sabo Link Bracelet is a great foundation. Rose gold bridges the gap between yellow and white gold so incorporating it into a bracelet will allow you to add different kinds of charms. The versatile hue also matches nicely with vintage and contemporary styles, allowing you the option to add on charms that have been in your family for years along with ones that you bought very recently.

Thomas Sabo LOVE charm
Speaking of charms, SWAG offers many rose gold charms that will look great with the rest of your collection. This Thomas Sabo LOVE charm features a sterling silver heart, a rose gold heart outline, and a yellow gold heart filled with white zirconia gems. This pendant will bring all of your other charms together because of its use of three different colors in one beautiful and versatile piece.

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