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The Definition of Percossi Papi Jewelry

If you read up on the history of Diego Percossi Papi and the jewelry that now bears his name, you will find a history of classical traditions that have been laboriously worked into the craft of fine jewelry. You will read that he has been influenced by history and tradition, and has worked classical themes into his jewelry and capitalized on a fine balance between light and darkness. This is what you can glean from traditional methods of researching; what you can gain from a little observation and analysis is so much greater.

While it is certainly true that Percossi Papi jewelry is handmade in Rome and follows in the rich heritage and tradition of the goldsmiths that have lived in the region and practiced their craft since time immemorial, there is so much more to his jewelry than is let in by the description of words

They say that a picture says a thousand words, and so we want to invite you to take in the glory of our collection of Diego Percossi Papi Jewelry in its rightful glory. Therefore, at the very least we can say that our attempt to convey its beauty and regal nature will not have been solely verbal. There is a visual component that cannot be neglected.

In his designs, you will find a focus on the beauty of gold and of the fine skill that accompanies a goldsmith’s talents. It takes a lifetime of studious observation and careful practice to become a proficient goldsmith, and the goldsmiths of Italy in general and Rome in specific have stood the test of time for their skill and their lasting creations. As one of the most highly coveted natural materials in the world, there is a lot of tradition behind working with gold and many techniques for producing works in gold.

As you can see from a glimpse through our catalog of his jewelry, there is a nod to this tradition. In nearly every pair of earrings and in every pendant and other piece of jewelry carrying his name, there is some element of gold. Yet the gold does not overpower the senses; it is present as a base layer, beautiful, thin filigree and tracery defines most of his pieces. It is a suggestion that does not overpower but is unmistakable.

This is only one small detail that, though important, is far from solitary. Much more defines his artistry than his homage to the goldsmiths of Rome. In each piece of Percossi Papi jewelry, it would seem as though there is a delicate harmony of creative elements, some the products of nature, and some the products of humanity. You are just as likely to find a pair of earrings that symbolically represents the glory of the heavens as you are to find one that produces an image of some of humanity’s greatest works.

In many of them, there is a balance between the two forces. For example, even in a pair of earrings such as those featured in the image at the top of this article that showcases the sun and moon, there is an element of humanity. The natural influence is undeniable, yet the fact that they are produced as works of man, by hand rather than by nature, is a testament to this artifice. Then, there is also the analysis that could be extrapolated from the fact that they are a likeness of these natural themes, rather than true images. Imitation rather than creation is evident in this, yet that is no slight. It builds up its own beauty rather than diminishing it.

In other pieces of jewelry in which cultural themes are more evident, the work of art is even more undeniable. Consider any given pair of earrings that capitalizes on a manmade theme. In some of his jewelry, you will find representations of idols, of ships, and of symbols such as crosses. These are not simply presented but laboriously detailed to an immensely fine degree. In fact, an intense style, replete with details to the point that it nearly overbears the first impression is a hallmark of this acclaimed designer. Other designs make their mark with minimalism, Percossi Papi bears the senses of perception away on the wings of fancy.

Many more things could be said of the jewelry in this collection, but we think it wise not to waste our words where the eyes can fulfill adequately. Take some time to get familiar with our collection of his jewelry via the link above and reach out to us if you would like suggestions or have any questions. As one of the largest sellers of the hardest-to-find jewelry around, we’re confident you will find a design that will satisfy your tastes. Take some time to look through our collection as it deserves, and feel free to reach out to us in the meantime.