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The Definitive Element of a Meira T Necklace

Meira T is one of the most highly esteemed designers in modern jewelry, not only among critics but among those who like to decorate themselves with her unforgettable work. While her designs, unlike some of those of others, might not be called immediately recognizable, they are at once distinct and unique. There also is a vein that runs through most of them and unites them in a most interesting way fashion. It is the definitive element of Meira T jewelry.

It is not her love of the natural world and some of these themes that she incorporates into her work, although even a short look through our collection of Meira T Jewelry will yield up these influences. There are many natural influences in her collection, such as representations of the moon and stars.

It is not her interest in the touch of human grace and the impression she lends to her jewelry insomuch as it is distilled from the influences of architecture and culture. Although, as above, you can see these elements in her jewelry.

What the most definitive element is can be argued, but it is a most interesting one that must be carefully observed. It is more immediately felt than understood, and so any analysis is in order.

Take a close look at a Meira T Necklace such as her Opal Necklace in Yellow Gold. This one, much more than many others, makes a great illustration not only of this key, defining feature, but also belies some of the other influences that color the jewelry in her collection and distinguish them from the ranks of the competition.

As we stated, this definitive feature is one that is more often felt than quantified or related verbally. If you take a look at the Meira T necklace in question via the link above (although the image is also at the top of this article) there is a good chance you will get a feel for this impression.

Take a moment or two to absorb the impression, the import, of the necklace. Observe its colors and shapes and features. Clear your mind for a moment before you read on. Reflect on what struck you, allow your own impressions to direct your thoughts before you are swayed by ours. Spend a minute to allow your thoughts to form distinctly, and then read on.

What was it that jumped out most to you about this necklace? Was it the brightness of the gold? Was it the sharp contrast of color created between the gold and the opal, which is so blue it is nearly a piece of turquoise? Is it the sparkle from the diamond charms? Or, perhaps, was there something else about the necklace that caught your eye and held it?

If not, we’re going to be bold enough to make a claim about Meira T Jewelry, even going so far as to say it is the definitive feature and one that can be seen in many different examples of her work. It can be seen in two areas of the design of this necklace, but most poignantly in the central opal of the pendant.

Look carefully at the opal; if you have not yet made the distinction, it is not a perfectly round cabochon. In fact, it is distinctly asymmetrical, it is not round, it is even imbalanced. What is so interesting in this is that where sometimes imbalance creates a sense of discord and “incompleteness” here it leaves nothing to be desired. Actually, if anything, it is the very imbalance that makes the whole necklace appear to be harmonious.

Interestingly, this is one of the pieces of Meira T Jewelry that offers more than two fronts of asymmetry, as it were. While the numerical balance of the charms is preserved, they are imbalanced both in terms of size and of material. With two pearls on one side along with an oversized diamond charm offset by three smaller diamond charms on the other side, there is definitely a sense of improperly weighted balance.

Yet, as above, this lack of balance is not harmful to the overall arrangement of the necklace. If anything, it helps to improve its overall attraction and makes it more recognizable and unique in the eyes of the beholder, even without the conscious recognition that those effects are occurring or have occurred.

If you take some time to look through the other Meira T pieces in our collection, you will find that these elements of imbalance and asymmetry are actually very common, although she goes to great lengths to conceal the impact at some points. There are some pieces that nearly defy interpretation, but you should try anyway.

Investigate our collection if you are looking for your next favorite piece because if you like jewelry that makes you think, you’re going to find more than one Meira T necklace that you will love. Even if not, you can search through our collections from other acclaimed designers to make up for it.