Undeniable Statements You Can Make with a Janis Savitt Bracelet

We all know and love Janis Savitt. She’s brought us many beautiful designs over the years and her cobra bracelets are some of the most recognizable designs in modern jewelry. As if the upfront value of her jewelry was not pointed enough from her inherent designs, here are some of the vibes you can cultivate with a Janis Savitt bracelet.

Understated and Simplistic

If there’s a design that typifies the name Janis Savitt, it is a cobra bracelet. To be fair, the image of a cobra bracelet is so intertwined with Janis Savitt that they almost seem mutually dependent. What’s amazing about this type of design is how much variety in impression you can pull off with one of them.

Some designers do not lend themselves well to simplicity, and this is evident from the complexity of their designs. Without naming any, there are some that are rife with stylistic elements that make them almost overwhelming to behold.

Some of Janis Savitt’s Double Cobra Bracelets, especially those in silver, will help you to accomplish a downplayed effect for more somber arrangements. Silver lacks the command of gold but carries all of its import, and that makes these bracelets ideal for dressing down or for cooler, more modest colors, whereby you want to complement them with a demure arrangement.

Even better would be a Janis Savitt Double Cobra Bracelet in Silver and Rhodium, as the dark, somber grace of rhodium helps to give the silver of the piece an even more sober facet.

Sophisticated but Not Overstated

For those occasions when your aim is to pull off a look that is sophisticated but not overstated, you should consider dressing up with one of Janis Savitt’s more middle of the road offerings.

A bracelet like her Single Open Back Cobra Bracelet would allow you to accomplish this effect with poise and elegance, without declaring yourself too loudly. It lacks the overt complexity of some of her double and triple cobra bracelets without losing any character at all.

Its self-assurance is simply stunning, and in gold, it declares itself brightly. Match it to a pair of golden earrings and you will have the makings of harmony in an outfit.

A look like this is great for when you want to take a step up from the toned-down look of silver and rhodium while reserving a little room for the imagination. The brightness of gold pairs beautifully with the simple design of the bracelet overall.

There’s more behind the scenes with a Janis Savitt bracelet, however. If you want to really step up your personal sense of style and sense, you can pull out all the stops with one of her brighter, more complex bracelets.

Complex and Multifaceted

While the previous few examples will enable you to create a more composed sense of deportment, some of Janis Savitt’s more explicit designs will really allow you to let your colors shine. Some of these following options will work beautifully with the most show-stopping arrangement you can create.

Janis Savitt’s Six Strand Cobra Bracelet in Gold is unique for import. It is simply dazzling; it carries the bright declaration of gold of the Single Open Back Bracelet but with more fluid and movement than the former could dream of. With a bracelet like this, you could craft your most stunning arrangement yet.

However, if you needed a little more movement and color to accent the innate nature of your carriage, you could suit yourself with her Six Strand Bracelet in Yellow Gold and Rhodium for an even more pointed effect. Alive with movement and contrasting color, this bracelet will set the framework for an enormously impactful ensemble.

Don’t Stop There!

The elegance of a Janis Savitt bracelet does not begin and end with the bracelet itself. The entire ensemble you compose will draw in the bracelet and make it a fixture but all of the parts must work together.

Without even getting into the elements of your dress and accessorization - or makeup, for that matter - you can accent a bracelet of hers beautifully by one of her necklaces or even a pair of earrings from her collection.

In our collection of Janis Savitt jewelry, you can see for yourself some of the many wonderful designs that have stemmed from her vision. Array yourself with one of Janis Savitt’s elegant coin necklaces or with a pair of her gold earrings and you will be the perfect image of sophistication and balance.

Naturally, though you can create an entirely branded look using only Janis Savitt’s Jewelry, we offer a number of other unique finds in our online store here at Love My Swag. Make sure you check out our other collections of jewelry before you go, just to make sure you’ve hit on that perfect look!

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