Victorian Antique Inspired Jewels

No matter what era the inspiration came from, vintage inspired jewels are a great way to make a statement with your accessories. One specific time period many jewelry designers take inspiration from is the Victorian era. Victorian antique inspired jewels can be split into three different genres: Early Victorian, Mid-Victorian, and Late Victorian. Read on to learn more about these three kinds of Victorian era jewelry trends.

Early Victorian: Romantic Jewelry 
Oxidized Pendant Necklace
These designs are often constructed in gold. Evening pieces are frequently covered in colored gemstones and diamonds. Intricately etched with designs, pieces that have been inspired by this era are delicate but also very unique. If you want a piece that has taken inspiration from this time, then why not add this Oxidized Pendant Necklace to your collection. With the gold chain and the sparkling cubic zirconia, this piece is a way to subtly represent the Early Victorian time period.

Mid-Victorian: Grand Jewelry
Alwand Vahan Bracelet
Compared to previous periods full of colorful designs, the Grand or Mid-Victorian style pieces had solemn and grave designs. These designs became popular because the death of Queen Victoria’s husband brought many into a time of mourning. A piece that takes the essence of this time and updates it with some added style is the Alwand Vahan Bracelet with Onyx Roundels and Diamonds. The 14-Karat gold bracelet also has .32 karats in diamonds and black onyx- talk about some serious bling!

Late Victorian: Aesthetic Jewelry 
Jose and Maria Barrera Ruby and Sapphire Pearl Pin
During the Late Victorian period, designers used bright gemstones such as sapphire, peridot, and spinel. This time period included many crescent designs as well as elaborate pins. Jewels were used to give a look a feminine flare. If you want a feminine pin, then the Jose and Maria Barrera Ruby and Sapphire Pearl Pin is a wonderful representation of this era combined with modern elements. This exquisite brooch is a work of art and will make a great addition to your jewelry collection.

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