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There’s a reason that Vahan Jewelry offers some of the most coveted and exquisite designs in the world, and it’s no happy accident. Excellence runs through the designs of Vahan Jewelry, and it’s in their history. Derived from the vision of Sacha Der Calousdian, the same attention to detail that he paid in his one-man shop still runs strongly through Vahan collections. Each piece is carefully designed by hand on paper and then carefully produced. The result of this visionary influence is a line of jewelry that inspires in its impressive splendor and in its movement and lines.

Part of what makes the jewelry in the Vahan collections so unique is the fact that there is so much detail devoted to every single piece. Where some designers are content to polish a band and set a stone, Vahan is unsatisfied with anything but the most moving and impressing effects. Even a cursory look at some of the designs that we offer from Alwand Vahan will show how much detail and intricacy there is even in the smallest of pieces. Their rings and bracelets show an uncommon degree of fluidity and luster, and the level of precision and care that the designers take in setting the stones that finish the pieces are marvelous.

The other part of what makes Vahan Jewelry so desirable is the ergonomics they offer. Their bracelets are flat on the inside to prevent them from rolling or becoming distorted during wear. This doesn’t just enhance their visual appeal, it makes them more comfortable as well. Moreover, their oval cross-section keeps them oriented properly during wear as well. In essence, they are the ideal bracelets for style and ergonomics.

Every piece of Vahan Jewelry you’ll find will offer features to fully impress your senses, and we have much to offer here at Love My Swag. Take a look at our Vahan London Blue Topaz Drop Earrings. They boldly display Blue Topaz stones ringed by .14 carats of diamonds, all framed by the splendor of 14k hold. Incorporated into the design of the earrings is a flourish that some might say takes the likeness of a crown, adding a bit to the regal display of the earrings. Some designers strive for an unostentatious appeal, but the bold glitter and charm of Vahan offers none of that courtesy. They are the premier and they know it. Take a look at their Black Onyx Drop Earrings for a look that is every bit as commanding. They offer Black Onyx Drops arrayed with braided 14k gold for a similarly audacious look. That audacity is well deserved, though - there’s nothing lacking in this package. It’s an impressive display of what kind of effect well-designed jewelry can achieve.

If you’re looking for one of their signature bracelets, we have plenty to love here at Love My Swag. Take a look at their Intricate Open Bracelet. This bracelet stands on a solid foundation of braided sterling silver, with end caps in 14k gold showcasing .17 carats of diamonds. It’s an excellent example of the amount of luster even just one of their bracelets can offer. If you’re looking for a bracelet with even more personality, you might want to check out their open cross bracelet. With somewhat similar sterling silver knotwork, this bracelet offers much the same appeal except with ornate golden cross endcaps. The appeal of their two-toned bracelets is stimulating enough on its own, but with the intricacies of their filigree and design, it takes on an even more potent character.

If you’re looking for a ring we have rings in the unique designs of Vahan Jewelry. With very much the same spirit of complexity that is evident in their other jewelry, Vahan rings are impossibly and delicately elaborate. Their Feathered Ring With Diamonds is a perfect example of this. It’s an elegant mixture of 14k gold and sterling silver that blends together beautiful even though the contrast of its elements grabs your attention. You can find even more resplendent appeal in their Diamond Cluster Ring, which offers 1.13 carats of diamonds in a beautifully lavish package. Its sheen is so pronounced it would be hard to find a ring that could present even a similar allure.

Yet these are only a few of the amazingly florid pieces we offer in Vahan Jewelry. Here on the pages of Love My Swag, you will find not only these offerings but so many other bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings that will distinguish you. Take a look at some of the pieces we offer - we’re proud to be purveyors of fine and hard to find jewelry from many noteworthy designers, and Vahan is no exception. You’ll find new pieces added to our collection, so you can find your next piece right here at Love My Swag.

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