What I Love: Meira T Jewelry

Gemstone Joy: Our 9 Favorite Things About Meira T Jewelry

Everybody loves a gorgeous gemstone, but only if it's encased in the perfect jewelry piece. Here's why we're obsessed with Meira T and her gemstone jewelry.

You'd be hard pressed to walk out the door and find a woman not wearing at least one item of jewelry. Why? Possibly because a diamond is a girl's best friend. 

Jewelry, whether its costume or custom, is a $71.3 billion industry in the United States and climbing. From proposals to birthstones, gemstones are on every woman's wishlist. From the countless jewelry designers out there, one stands out in particular: Meira T. 

Meira T's asymmetrical charms, bold gemstones, and daring diamonds demand attention whether they grace your neck, wrist, or fingers. 

In this article, we're diving into the nine reasons why both designers, celebrities, and people like you and me are obsessing over this draw-dropping jewelry brand. 

1. You Can Design Your Own Meira T Custom Jewelry

Want a piece that's truly one of a kind? Design your own! With Meira T's jewelry, you can design your own center necklace or bracelet. Mix and match the chain, charms, gemstone, and even initials. 

You can choose from all kinds of centerpieces like jeweled stars, crosses, or asymmetrical gemstones in the classic halo setting. They're absolutely stunning.

Pick from gems like Australian black opal, amazonite, chalcedony, emeralds, rubies,  and tanzanite. Speaking of custom jewelry, you can also make your own piece using Meira T's custom charms...

2. The Charms Are so Unique 

Obsessing over charm bracelets? Us too. But, have you seen the charm necklaces? We love them even more! 

Meira T has completely reinvented charm jewelry and the pieces are dazzling. Whether you're opting for gemstones (you'll love this black opal diamond charm necklace) or something simpler (like this Marquise Diamond charm necklace), Meira T has something for everyone. 

We love that you can choose gemstones, gold shapes, or even diamonds as charms! It makes the possibilities endless and each piece completely unique.

Meira T makes custom jewelry fun and personal. Plus, it makes a great gift. *wink wink*

3. The Brilliant Use of Colored Gemstones

We are swooning over the ravishing opals and glittering amazonites in Meira T's recent gemstone collection. The pairing of modernly shaped geodes gemstones and all-time classic diamonds is genius.

We are personally loving the halo setting, where delicate tiny diamonds encircle the gemstone of your choice. Get them in a necklace, bracelet, or earrings!

Oh, and be sure to check out the moonstones; they're just dreamy.

4. Meira T Has Pieces for Every Occasion 

One of the best things about Meira T's jewelry is that they can easily transition from daytime to nighttime. The same piece can work in many ways; they're all so versatile.

From the unique color combinations to the asymmetrical gem shapes, you can find the perfect piece to compliment any outfit. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a complimentary accessory, Meira T has got you covered. 

5. Meira T Jewelry is Always Young and Fresh

Staying on the front of trends and the cusp of innovation is easy when you surround yourself with a great team. For Meira, that's her three daughters (and husband).  

Meira T is always introducing new collections, inspirations, and ideas like their children's line or men's jewelry line. 

6. Her Pieces Reflect Art and Travel

Growing up, Meira's family traveled throughout Europe to source goods for their clothing store. These travels exposed her to fashion, art, and culture often as her You could say that both fashion and culture was always a part of Meira's life.

She loves to travel and brings in those aspects to her work. The inspiration for a lot of Meira T jewelry has been from cultural landscapes and art she finds throughout her travels.

She also credits her European upbringing (mainly Germany and Belgium) inspired many of her pieces. 

7. Meira T Necklaces Are Perfect for Layering

Eager to try out the layering trend? You'll definitely want to grab a few dainty pieces and vary the lengths on your neck.

Because each piece is so unique and different you can get away with layering three or four different pieces. Opt for a charm necklace, statement stone, and a chain for an incredible look.

When it comes to stacking bracelets or necklaces, we say the more the better! Check out tips of layering your necklaces here.

8. Celebs Everywhere Are Rocking Meira T

Admit it or not, as consumers, we love social proof. So the fact that celebrities everywhere are rocking these drop-dead gorgeous gems mean something. 

Take Amy Adams, for example. She graced the NFL Honors Award wearing Meira T's yellow gold emerald ring, surrounded by smaller diamonds. America's most-loved actress, Jennifer Lawrence, stunned us when she wore a geometric gemstone Meira T necklace. 

You can find tons of world-renown actresses and models like Kate Mara, Amanda Schull, and Zoe Saldana wearing Meira T jewelry both on magazine covers and the red carpet.

9. Meira, Herself, Is the Biggest Reason We Love the Brand 

People who know Meira Tugendhaft say she's a vivacious, creative woman and we have to say, her pieces really showcase that. She values her family greatly and proves it by bringing them into the business where they work side by side flawlessly. Both her husband and her three daughters have large roles in the company from designing to numbers. 

What do we love most about Meira? That she encourages each member of the team to use their creativity in their work. She urges them to share their ideas concerning the brand and how to constantly improve.

Want your own Meira T Jewelry Piece?

Are you dying to get your hands on your very own Meira T gemstone piece? We don't blame you! We couldn't stop at just one. 

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