Move Over, Bracelets: Pandora Rings Are Here!

Pandora bracelets sure get a lot of love, and for years now they’ve been enjoying a lot of popularity from all corners of the market. In their defense, there’s so much to love about them. They’re made from the highest quality semi-precious metals and often are made with highly original designs that you just can’t find from other makers.

That’s one thing that every designer can aspire to, because when you’ve created an original design that is also immensely popular, you’ve hit the mark. At the same time, and most importantly, a lot of the success of Pandora bracelets is attributable to the fact that they can be personalized. Whatever the case, the popularity of Pandora bracelets cannot be understated.

However, there’s more to love from Pandora than bracelets, and some of their up and coming designs are in their rings. Though their rings are not necessarily as personalized as some of their bracelets, there’s a lot to love about Pandora rings.

First, Pandora makes some rings that, like their bracelets, are highly unique and stylized. There are other designers out there who produce designs that are similar to the rings that come from Pandora, but it can’t really be said that any of them is even close to as unique.

Look through some of our Pandora designs where you can see some of their rings and you will see what kind of style they have crafted into their rings. Just like a Pandora bracelet is beloved for its uniqueness, so are their rings.

They have classic designs with cut stones and stones crafted into the likenesses of stars, but where they really shine is in some of their unconventional designs. If you’re looking for a one of a kind ring, some of Pandora’s designs are not only individualistic, they are also mildly contemporary without divesting themselves of tradition. In other words, they’re some of the most unique pieces of jewelry out there.

You’ll love some of their designs like their Entwined Ring that make the most of several bands of sterling silver, some of which are crusted with small gems of cubic zirconia to add a little glitter to the piece. Statement rings like these might not make up the bulk of Pandora’s rings, but they certainly are unmistakable.

That’s not all that Pandora does,though, because some of their most interesting rings have yet to be explored. Where Pandora really makes a mark is in their Crown Rings and Wishbone Rings. Perhaps this is because these rings are some of the most “atypical” rings out there, for lack of a better term, and perhaps it is because they are objectively alluring, but whatever the case, they enjoy immense popularity.

On the subject of rings like these it can also be said that though they can’t be personalized in the same way as Pandora bracelets can, they can be stacked in order to make a unique visual statement. Also, as they do not have the same profiles of conventional rings - that is, they are not symmetrically balanced - when you stack them they stand out.

Pair up a Pandora Rose Crown Ring with a Silver Wishbone ring and the presence of them together will be in its own little way like a statement ring, but one that can be changed on a whim. Whenever you craft a look from Pandora rings in such a fashion you can always go back and adjust them according to your fancy.

There’s another thing that makes Pandora rings so popular, and that is that they exhibit a very fine degree of detail in their workmanship. Just as is the case with their charms, many of their rings are beautifully and elaborately decorated or crafted.

Take, for example, Pandora’s Pink Daisy Flower Trio Ring, that is finely crafted to an extraordinary degree of detail. Not only objectively beautiful but also ornately and finely finished, a ring like this is certain to capture the attention of the company, whether or not it is recognized as a piece from Pandora’s portfolio.

Whether you’re into the look of Pandora rings because they are original or unique or simply because you want to stack them or mix and match them, you can find quite a collection of Pandora Jewelry right here at Love My Swag.

In keeping with our objective, we’re where our customers come to find highly coveted and hard to find jewelry, and in some cases that means Pandora. Pandora certainly is extremely popular and that can make it hard to find some of their designs. Not to worry, though, because if you’re looking for it there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.

Take a look through our collection of Pandora Jewelry via the link above, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 214-691-0123.

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