Gratitude Star Necklace

Gratitude Star Necklace

Regular price $495.00

Sterling silver gratitude star pendant with flying angel on the back, and with 14k gold diamond bale. The star on one side and an angel on the other reminds us that gratitude is the richest gift we can give ourselves and others.

  • Sterling silver, 14k gold, diamonds
  • Approx 16" long, pendant 1/2"
  • Made in USA

 Robin Haley Jewelry consists of fine, handcrafted pieces made from 14k-18k recycled gold and conflict-free gemstones. These heirloom-quality designs often incorporate unique elements like casts of ancient artifacts.

Robin Haley Jewelry is renowned for its ancient and soulful presence.  Ancient artifact designs are worn to whisper love into the places of your heart where you need it most and are meant to heal, uplift, and strengthen you. 

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